Self Healing – Create Yourself As a Health Magnet


Health is your natural state. Without even lifting a finger, you are whole and complete. Let's start from that place – that wholeness is natural. If you're having health trouble, then, it only stands to reason that something has unintentionally slipped. No big deal, as long as you can recreate your natural state of health. But how?

What if the solution was as simple as answering the question, "How can I allow health and wholeness to find me more easily?" Kind of like getting out of your own way.


Perhaps it is. Perhaps it's just a teeny little course correction.

Now I'm not saying the un-matching activity would be something you're doing intentionally. Almost certainly it's not. But let's consider that throughout, over the years, you've developed some beliefs or habits that do not serve your best interests. Not too much of a stretch, is it? Of course not. Because most of us have.

Whatever it is for you might not be quite the same as it is for Nancy, but let's just eavesdrop on her internal conversation for a moment and see if we can pick up some tips.

Nancy's mind: "Hey, I just got this idea. What if my natural state is health and this challenge I'm dealing with at the moment is nothing more than a little blip on the radar? Like I'm accidently getting in my own way? Let's try it – how can I be more receptive – and allow health to find me more easily? "

Nancy waiting: Fingers drumming on table. Nothing. Darn.

Nancy's mind: "No problem. I just need to be more intentional. I'll turn off the TV and the phone, get comfortable, and take a few deep breaths. because it's important and I think it could really help … Ahhhh …. "

Nancy's mind: "That's better. Now. Slowly. How can I allow health and wholeness to find me more easily?"

Nancy waiting: I'll just follow my breath and see what comes. Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing …

Nancy's mind: "Aha! You know, I've been working really hard la. Long hours. Not getting enough rest. more rest! "

Nancy waiting: Following my breath. Health and wholeness is my natural state. It's so easy. Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing …

Wow, you know I've been living on mini-pretzels and sandwiches. Squash. Tomatoes. Leafy greens. Gotta give your body the raw materials … "

Nancy waiting: Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing slowly …

Nancy's mind: "Oh my sister. Did I ever apologize for missing little Justin's piano recital? Gosh, I mean to .. But I think I forgot … Call Julie …"

Nancy waiting: Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing … Breathing … Breathing … So relaxed … Coming back into the room now.

Nancy's mind: "I really could take better care of myself … Some extra rest, nutritious food, and catching up with family. as I've been running? Gotta slow down and give it a chance! "

Nancy's mind: "Wow. That just makes so much sense." Simple, too. If I want to do this right, I've gotta be willing to be a different me. And actually, it does not sound too bad. "

What would your mind come up with, if you tried the same thing as Nancy? Here's how to do it:

  1. Prepare a simple question: "How can I allow health to find me more easily?"
  2. Set aside 20 – 30 minutes of private quiet time. Shut off the TV, the phone, and even your computer. No tweets!
  3. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Follow your breath in and out. Bring your question to mind and then gently let it float away. Just breathe. Allow the awareness to come to you.
  4. Notice any stray thoughts, ideas, or feelings that bump into your consciousness. Notice them, then let them go and follow your breath. In and out. Nice and slow.
  5. At some point, you'll feel complete. If you like, set a non-ticking count-down timer to alert you when 30 minutes has passed. Then wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.
  6. While you're still relaxed, pick up a notebook and pen or pencil and jot down anything that comes into your mind. You may notice thoughts you had during your quite time, or sometimes something fresh will surface as you write.
  7. Remember, an insight is only as good as the action it inspires. There's no such thing as an idea "too small" to make a difference. If the insight came, it's worth your attention.

What if it was something really simple? Like a little more rest, or a teaspoon of cod liver oil every day? Health is your natural state. Allow it to find you easily.


Source by Elizabeth Eckert

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Personal Injury Law Firms Are Realizing the Benefits of Outsourcing the Medical Records Process


Personal injury law firms and specifically mass tort departments increasingly find themselves working with virtual companies and/or adding a virtual component to their practice. This allows staff to focus on other aspects of their case load and other operational functions. Medical records are essential for personal injury cases, and a timely and smooth process is important to ensure proper discovery. Thus, outsourcing medical records management adds a professional process to personal injury law firms.

Outsourced Medical Records Management-How can a virtual team help?

Client Questionnaires – In most cases, the Discovery process starts with clients completing a client questionnaire. The tasks of contacting clients and completing the questionnaire via the telephone can be outsourced to a virtual team. This will include calling the client to uncover key medical elements such as doctor’s information including dates of visits, surgery dates, and/or relevant drug use. This will allow the legal assistants within the law firm time to focus on other tasks and will save the firm time and money in the early stages of the case.

Medical Records Retrieval – After the medical and provider information has been collected and a HIPAA Authorization Form has been obtained by the client, the medical records retrieval process can commence. This process includes the requestor submitting requests with the HIPAA form to Healthcare Organizations including Release of Information, Health Information Management, and Medical Records Departments. The method of retrieval will depend on the department or organizations’ processes and policies. In some cases, the request can be faxed and in other cases the requests must be sent with an original signature. Outsourcing the retrieval process can be a win for most law firms because the process can be time consuming and is an important part of winning cases.

Follow up calls to alleviate backlog A big part of medical records retrieval and management is the outbound call process. Several follow up calls must be made. This is another key area in which outsourcing will help alleviate backlogs among the law firm’s legal and administrative staff. This process is twofold:

1. Making follow up calls to requestees to first ensure receipt of the request and to stay on top of the workflow and estimated time of arrival of the records. In some cases, this may mean 2-10 calls per month.

2. Secondly, the follow call ensures or uncovers any missing information or the need to resubmit records. In many cases, the health organizations and records departments subcontract the records process to a copying service and/or online health portal companies and calls must be made to these companies as well. This arduous task can easily be outsourced to assist the firm.

Eliminating Overwhelm – Working with a virtual support person or team can change morale for the better in law firms. If your legal assistant staff is overwhelmed, outsourcing some of their tasks can help alleviate their workload and cut down on staff overwhelm. This includes the medical records retrieval process in both whole or in part. In the end, this will assist with turnover and create a sustainable firm.

Adding a virtual component to your law firm’s strategy is a great way to position your firm for growth and an added competitive advantage. The conversation should start with your team. Talk to your case managers and legal assistants. Discuss the benefits of outsourcing the medical records process with them.


Source by Chantal Towles

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Be Healthy by Thinking Healthy!


Every year, television and print commercials bombard us with medicines to treat that dreaded cold and flu or current popular allergy just around the corner. Water cooler conversations compete: Yeah, it’s going around. – “I’m starting to feel like I’m getting a bug. – My cold medicine is really making me sleepy. – Little Johnny came home with a cold – it’s only a matter of time until we all get it. – And so forth. We buy into the idea that we’re going to get sick simply because it’s a certain time of the year, the temperature changes, or we’ve come into contact with “a bug.”

But it doesn’t have to be so! Don’t buy into the psychological hype that tells you you HAVE to be sick! You have a choice in the matter! You can CHOOSE health! Choose vitality and energy over congestion and depression! If you feel certain symptoms coming on, start affirming that you are healthy and well, no matter what you come into contact with! Take some vitamin C and drink orange juice to help ward off that bug! Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching public surfaces. Take some simple, common sense precautions that exhibit an awareness of control over your health vs. the hypnotic state that accepts everything that comes along. Of course, if you develop symptoms requiring medical care, by all means, see a doctor sooner rather than later!

If certain symptoms start trying to develop within your immune system, start re-affirming your health right away! Don’t wait until you’re hardly able to hold up your head (it’s much harder to think positive then!) Do not accept the idea of illness. Claim your right to wholeness! Spirit does not want us to be ill. We were created to be whole, thriving beings! There are steps we can take to ensure this, with conscious awareness. Know your limits (if you accept limitations). Avoid stress – find ways to direct your energy so that it does not accumulate within your body as toxin. Eat healthy, exercise, find a creative outlet! Creativity is a wonderful stress reducer! Not into exercise in the traditional sense? Take the dog for a walk! Can’t drive by your favorite fast-food place without stopping? Order a salad instead of a burger once in a while! Take the stairs instead of elevator. Park your car three spots further from the door than normal. Getting a little more physical activity is not hard – it just means we quit being lazy and start being more aware.

Having a spiritual belief system can also help you maintain a healthy life in every area. Regular prayer and meditation, or simply quiet contemplation of life, can help you reduce stress and become more aware of the power you have to help control your life. We were created with Free Will, which means we have the right to Choose – Health or Illness! If we become ill or have a challenging diagnosis, claiming thoughts of health and speaking words of healing over ourselves and our lives will help us deal with the situation at hand. Having a good attitude is helpful in dealing with anything happening in our lives. Always get a second opinion and research treatment options and choices for healing. Eliminate toxins from your life – too much alcohol, drugs (definitely!), destructive behavior and negative emotions (anger, hatred, resentment, etc.), and so forth, all contribute to the breakdown of a healthy individual.

We can use our Faith to help us maintain health simply by being aware of our connection to a Higher Healing Power, staying plugged into It, and being aware of our environment. As we cultivate and create a more healthy Self, we encourage and empower those around us to do the same.

Note: These comments are not intended to take the place of any need for medical treatment, mental or physical. If you have symptoms requiring attention, please seek professional help as soon as possible. For more information about this topic, please contact the writer.


Source by Barbara Callahan-Quin

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Supplements, Calcium and Vitamins – Building Blocks of Good Health


Let's face it in most countries today many of our foods are based upon some form of modern food processing modes. There are a wide variety of reasons as to why so many of us now tend to solely rely upon most if not all of our meals being made of the generated factors in a more chemical based ingredients. The high vitamin packed meals of yesterday are long gone unless you are one of the few avid gardening growers who still believe in the natural vegetable fruit and vegetable.

For the fast paced societies of today, the most normal way for the majority of families is to go to your local grocery stores for your food purchasing. All although there are many fresh fruits and vegetables that are typically so widely available, a good number of us tend to end up purchasing the food products that are the quickest and easiest for preparations.

In the fastest paced societies, there are the temptations for purchasing these very quick meal food products specifically because there is now so much work and responsibilities that are constantly being expected to be crammed within the short 24 hour period. Not only are there the most commonly expected vitamins now missing within so many of our quick fix food products, but for the few fruits, vegetables, protein filled and dairy products that are so vital in the ultimate human health regime, there are now a huge amount of food filling ingredients that are completely chemical based.

With all of the recent and even past research that has been conducted upon what truly happens to our bodies when we are not efficiently providing in even the basic vitamin and calcium essentials, you would think that most if not hard to consciously go back to the basics in our daily food and drink consumptions. But for so many of us, this is definitely easier said than actually done when it comes to the daily eating and drinking practices that are unfortunately so standard nowdays.

It is for these reasons that we now must make sure to take advantage of the many very good vitamins and supplements available today. For so many of us, it is not only important to make sure to maintain a healthy life, but it is absolutely vital to be taking all of the vitamin and supplemental products if you are one of the many that does not get the best proper nutrients within their daily food intake.


Source by Anita R Choudhary

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Training Manager Resume Writing Tips for Free


Training manager resume is used by managers who have the ability to train and teach new employees in a company. In today's competitive world, the corporations have realized that to lead the way, each and every employee should have up-to-date with all the latest development and technology. To impart education and training, they appoint training managers or training specialists who conduct special training classes. This helps the employees in increasing efficiency at work, thus contributing to improved productivity, which is what the corporate world wants. Theses training directors may either be working with the company or employed with other training institutions.

These trainers plan modules, conduct orientation programs and test the employees and evaluate them based on the test results. In addition, they work on improving the employees' communication skills and inter-personnel skills that are necessary for one's growth in any profession. For doing this, they first study the employees and through interviews and observations note down their weak points.

Let us consider all the important points that will be covered in the training manager resume.

• Start with a strong objective statement- Your objective statement will decide your overall impression in the reader's mind. This line should NOT be superfluously written. It has to have a lot of conviction behind its writing. A simple test of the effectiveness of this line would be you asking yourself- 'Did this line make me believe in it?'

• Experience matters: While applying for the post of trainer, remember that your experience and versatility is what matters to the recruiter. Be as comprehensive as possible in mentioning names with whom, and offices where, you have worked.

• Educational Background- Use this section to impress the recruiter with your academic and intellectual capabilities. Your degrees and level of education, these texts of details further add value to your resume. Also, mention about any internships that you might have done in the related field. Explain how you used your in-class knowledge and applied it into practical tasks.

• Mention important names and places- One should mention impressive names and places to impress the recruiter. If you have worked with a very famous name, a particular corporate motivational talker, you can include his name in the resume.

• Use attractive, suitable templates- Internet is full of many such resume templates that can be used as and when suitable. Use of these templates will give your resume an edge over other basic resumes. However, the choice of type of template should be carefully measured and thought about before adopting. Much flashier and graphical template will simply distract the recruiter.

• Target the need of the Employer- You should carefully go through the job details and then research the company website in order to get the beat of the company-what are they and what exactly are they looking for. Having this information will greatly help you in streamlining your resume in that direction.

Write your resume in as comprehensive manner as possible. It should be fact-oriented. One can also include recommendation letters with his / her resume letters. A recruiter will need to have these four important things- your cover letter, resume, recommendation letters and certificate copies.


Source by Clara L Baker

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Where to Buy FRS Energy?


FRS Healthy Energy has taken the country by storm as one of the top healthy energy drinks on the market for both professional sports athletes as well as the normal everyday person. Its revolutionary method of using the body’s own energy producing mechanisms instead of filling your body with tons of caffeine or sugar is the main reason people are scrambling to buy this product. So the big question arises. Where to buy FRS Energy?

FRS Healthy Energy can be found in a few places, both online and at some of America’s most popular retail outlets. Online you can visit FRS directly and shop at their website located at In addition there are many nutritional sites and drug/pharmacy outlets online that are also offering the FRS Healthy Energy line of energy drinks. Best way to find them is to go to a search engine like Yahoo or Google and type in “FRS Healthy Energy” or “where to buy FRS energy” and you’ll find tons of places that sell their product line. Make sure you’re comfortable with the online company you’re buying from and also make sure they’re an authorized seller of FRS Healthy Energy products just to be safe.

Offline, FRS Healthy Energy products are sold at many major outlets across the USA including popular stores like GNC (General Nutrition Centers), Rite Aid, Vitamin Shoppe and Target. Many local shopping and grocery chains across the country are also starting to pick up this brand because of it’s popularity so keep checking or ask at your local grocery store for details.

Whether you’re buying FRS Healthy energy products at FRS’ website or at your local store you’ll find a huge variety of products to choose from. The most popular of the products is the ready-to-drink cans that come in a variety of flavors including Low Cal Citrus Pomegranate, Low Cal Wild Berry, Low Cal Peach Mango, Low Cal Orange, Lemon Lime and Orange. You can also purchase these flavors in powder form, concentrate or chews which are individually wrapped in 30-count bags. Again, check your local store to see what types they carry or go online to FRS’ website to order directly.

Just as the FRS product line of healthy energy drinks is vast, so are the number of places you can find it for sale. My recommendation is to give it a try first before buying in bulk at FRS’ website. Try a few different flavors, try the chews and even try the concentrate or powder forms and see which best fits your lifestyle. The best way to do this is to visit your local store and buy a few kinds to try it out. Or better yet, FRS also offers a free trial on their website where they’ll send you a bag of soft chews (30-ct) and a bottle of their concentrate (which is a 32oz bottle that makes 16 servings) and you only need to pay shipping.

If you like the products then FRS will send you monthly shipments at 30-50% off which is a great deal compared to other online and offline outlets. The best part is you can cancel anytime so if you try out the free trial and you don’t like it, you just call them up and cancel and you get to keep the freebies they sent you! Hard to pass up free stuff in today’s economy.

So there you have it. Again there are many ways to try FRS Healthy Energy drinks but we highly recommend starting small and trying one or two of their products by visiting your local store. We’ve found the product to be superior in nutrition than many other energy booster drinks out there and we always promote natural products with quality ingredients rather than sugar drinks filled with unnecessary caffeine any day. Give it a try and next time someone asks you where to buy FRS energy you can tell them just about anywhere!


Source by Lillian Bonds

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Yoga, Diet, & Fitness – How Do They Relate?


In today's society health and fitness is a primary concern. Obesity is growing at an alarming rate, especially within the younger population. Everywhere you turn there are offers and suggestions on how to lose weight and get fit. Many of these offer quick fixes such as pills, or specific diet regimens. While some of these may seem to work, the majority of the time they are only temporary solutions. These methods are best used to kick-start a diet, but not as a permanent solution. Usually as soon as you stop taking the pills, or following the diet regimen, any weight lost soon returns. Mind, body, and lifestyle must be in accord in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga – Yoga has been practiced throughout the world for many years. Yoga teachers an individual to focus on their inner self. What a person thinks and feels affects not only how they live and interact with the world around them, but also how they look and what they put into their bodies. Yoga also has many health benefits. For instance, studies show that people with high blood pressure and high stress levels have greatly benefited from practicing Yoga.

Diet – When the mind is focused and open to change, that's when an individual is mostly likely to achieve success and maintain permanent weight loss. In order to maintain a healthy diet, it is necessary to make a lifestyle change, but nothing too drastic at first. When trying something new, start slowly and do your research. Gradual changes are much more likely to last than quick ones. Do not suddenly exclude foods that you love and are used to eating. If you do, you are setting yourself up for failure. Start by decreasing your portions. It is also important to drink at least 8 cups of water daily. If you drink a glass of water before each meal, you will find that you will eat less. Try to have small small meals and snacks throughout the day, instead of having one or two big meals a day. This will help increase your metabolism.

Fitness – Exercise is also essential to being healthy increasing your fitness level. In addition to becoming physically fit, exercise can increase self-esteem and improve your mood. During exercising the body produces endorphins. Endorphins are natural chemicals the body can produce that are associated with feelings of euphoria and peace. If you are new to exercise, it is important to start out slow. Start by walking ten minutes a day. Park your car in the parking lot furthest from the building and take the stairs instead of using an elevator when possible.

They are several different ways and techniques that can be used to achieve physical fitness, but it starts with you. Find what works best for you and stick with it. Just remember; mind, body, and lifestyle must be in sync to consistently maintain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.


Source by Camilla Thompson

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Importance of SSL Certificates on Banking Websites


It is possible for every piece of data to be seen by others unless it is secured by an SSL Certificate. Your customers won’t trust your web site without it.

Why banks need SSL?

SSL Certificates are essential factor to gain Customers’ confidence in your Services and Brand……

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which allows online users to create sessions with Internet sites that are safe and secure i.e. they have the least risk of external contravention. In an Online Banking website, the customers can only be secure with the use of SSL technology. An SSL Certificate ensures that all data passed between the Web server and browser remains private and secure.

To make online banking safe for its Customers all the banks must have SSL Certificates. SSL Certificates is the only answers to questions such as – Will my money be safe? Can someone steal my Personal information?, Can someone access funds or track my transactions?, Could a thief find a way to clean out my bank account?

Thus all the banking websites need SSL Certificates –

o To enhance Customers’ Confidence in your Website.

o To get accepted globally – expand clientele from all over the world.

o SSL is mandatory for sites collecting personal or financial information from their customers.

o Most of the consumers now expect safety & security to the part of online services they use.

o You value privacy and expect others to trust you.

o Banks need to comply with privacy and online security requirements.

o SSL is a necessity if you have offices that share confidential information over an intranet.

o The most important is to protect your customer’s transactions and provide visitors with proof of your digital identity.

What happens if a bank does not use SSL, What are the risks involved?

Customers are very careful while doing online banking. They are aware of SSL and check for HTTPS before logging in to the website. SSL, Secure Socket Layer is extremely essential for any website, which is collecting sensitive information like personal information, credit card numbers online. Especially banking websites should have SSL Certificates to secure the online transactions of their customer.

Consequences for not deploying SSL certificates on banking website are –

o Customer may rebuff to expose his bank account details to the Internet.

o Hackers and criminals may track the valuable information.

o You can lose a potential customer.

o Customers may loose faith and may go to some other bank.

o Non-availability of SSL on any Banking Website may affect its brand image or Goodwill.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL (secure sockets layer) is a communications protocol, which is now the global standard for security

SSL creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser to ensure that all data transmitted remains private and secure. The Secure Sockets Layer protects data transferred over http using encryption enabled by a server’s SSL Certificate

SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data – a public key known to everyone and a private or secret key known only to the recipient of the message. The public key is used to encrypt information and the private key is used to decipher it. When a Web browser points to a secured domain, a Secure Sockets Layer handshake authenticates the server (Web site) and the client (Web browser). An encryption method is established with a unique session key.


Source by Sim S

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How to Put an End to Internet Addiction Today


Ask anyone. Perhaps the best invention or discovery in the world to date is the Internet. Just imagine getting access to loads of information with just a few clicks. It has become so popular millions of people use it on a daily basis.

This also brings about a new kind of disorder known as Internet addiction. Statistics say around 6 to 11 percent of Internet users are so addicted they can not compel themselves to turn the browser off. Moreover, they get hooked to other kinds of addiction, including gambling and pornography. There are thousands of websites dedicated to these.

Like any kind of addiction, Internet addiction hinders you from achieving a more fulfilling social relationship. You spend most of your time online than with friends and family members. You will feel isolated into the world, and once you're off the World Wide Web, you can feel depression and anxiety building up.

There's no definite cure for Internet addiction. It involves a step-by-step process, which may even require professional help. Neverheless, there's something you can do to speed up the end of your addiction. You can try hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used by psychotherapists and some health experts for many years. Their purpose is to rewire the manner of thinking of individuals. In this case, hypnosis can help you convince your mind that you can beat your addiction and that you do not have to be totally dependent to the Internet.

During hypnosis, you can also feed your subconscious mind with subliminal messages or auto suggestions. These are phrases or sentences that are embedded into your unconscious and can be accessed anytime you want to modify your thinking pattern. Some of the common subliminal messages associated with Internet addiction are the following:

  • I can beat Internet addiction.
  • There's more to life than the Internet.
  • I am a strong-murdered person.
  • I have the power to rise above the Internet addiction.
  • Life is beautiful outside the World Wide Web.

You can get these subliminal messages from CDs and mp3s, which you can play when you are ready to put yourself into deep hypnosis. It's also possible to develop your own.

Hypnosis should be done regularly. This is not going to be a one-time thing. This is because the subconscious is located at the defect part of the mind. You have to repeat the subliminal messages often. Hypnosis should also be accomplished every day to make sure you do not go back to the old habit.

Remember This

Before you go into hypnosis, make sure you are ready to admit your addiction. Hypnosis is there to help out settle your issue. You can never make it effective if you do not know or acknowledge the problem in the first place. Also, remember that you do not get to reap the benefits immediately. It may take a few days or even months before you can start feeling the effects of hypnosis. Neverheless, as long as done right, it can assist you in combating your addiction and achieving better quality of life.


Source by Nelson Berry

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Medical Transcription Career


A few studies have shown that a Medical Transcriptionist jobs are expected to increase faster than the average level amongst all occupations through the next decade. If you are looking for a career and you are interested in the health care industry, but you also would like to have time and flexibility, then a medical transcription career might be the perfect idea for you!

As a medical transcriptionist, you will be responsible for listening to recorded dictation from physicians and other medical professionals and transforming the audio into written documents which can be printed off in hard copy form or save in a computer file. Due to the fact that there is a lot of typing involved with medical transcriptionist jobs, it is very important that you have excellent typing skills or are able to train and obtain them after completing your training coursework. The better and more accurate you are typing up your documents, the more you will typically get paid and the easier it will be for you to test well and get hired by an MT company. Another important skill set to have is a broad knowledge of grammar and the English language. If you are not a good speller or hated English in school, then you might need to work a little harder at training to raise that skill set, because it is used a lot throughout the transcription process, but it is not unachievable!

A great place to gain the aforementioned skill sets is through an online certification course. Choosing an online school for your certification can be one of the best first steps you can make because it will save you a great deal of time and money and allow you to jump right into starting your new career. Unlike other college settings, online medical transcription schools generally cut out the fluff and teach you simply what you need to know to start your career.

Starting a career in medical transcription is a great way to provide for yourself or your family without having to spend a lot of money and time training. Once you complete your certification and start to look for employment you will even have the option to work from home! Since the number of available jobs in the field is expected to continue increasing, your chances are really good for getting hired and you really have nothing to lose. For more information on how to start, visit


Source by Jason Trusler

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The Wearing Of Mens Wedding Rings Today


Although the wearing of mens wedding rings is becoming increasing common today this is a relatively recent change and is still not strictly accepted by many men.

It has been traditional for woman to wear wedding rings since since history began and there are records of an exchange of rings at wedding ceremonies way back to the times of ancient Egypt. Neverheless, it was rare for a man to wear a wedding ring following the marriage ceremony until after the Second World War.

Many people have suggested that this was for purely economic reasons and that it is only the relative affluence that many societies now enjoy that has made this practice possible. There is unduly some validity in this argument and it may indeed be a significant reason for men not previously wearing wedding rings, but it is certainly not the only reason.

Weaving a wedding ring mean smoking publicly that you are married and, while this has rarely been seen as a problem for women, many men are less than happy to advertise the fact that they are married. This is undetectedly changing today, but still remains a strong influence for many men, while others simply wear their ring when it suits them and remove it when it does not.

As an interesting side, men in Greece and Italy are often given "puzzle" wedding rings by their brides. These rings consist of a series of interlocking metal rings that have to be arranged in a set order to form a single ring, which means that the ring can not be quickly and easily removed or replaced.

For some men the wedding ring is seen as an item of jewelry and wearing a wedding ring is viewed in much the same way as they view wearing a pair of earrings. For many men wearing jewelry is simply something that men do not do and the wedding ring is no exception. Again this is something that is becoming less of a problem over time and, while the wearing of earrings may still be some way off for most men, it is often seen as acceptable for a man to wear a ring, bracelet or a neck chain these days.

In many cases, while a man may not have any particular problem with the idea of ​​wearing a wedding ring, if he has not worn a ring before he may be concerned about whether or not he will feel comfortable with a ring and have questions about whatever or not it will feel heavy or will rub. This of course is an easy matter to get and all he has to do is buy a cheap ring from his local jewelry store or market and wear if for a while to see.

Of course one genuine problem for many men is their occupation which may exclude them from wearing a ring because of the dangers posed by operating machinery or perhaps for reasons of hygiene. This is course is not something that it defined to the wearing of mens wedding rings and effects women equally.

As time goes by more and more men are adopting the habit of wearing a wedding ring and the signs are that this practice is likely to continue to grow.


Source by Donald Saunders

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Come on, Salt? Texans Have Better Ways To Die


So it's not heart disease or cancer that's killing so many of us – it's salt. More Americans are dying a slow, sodium-based death than other, more infamous diseases combined, according to experts.

"Worldwide, added salt almost certainly is killing more people than AIDS, malaria, terrorism, obesity, high cholesterol and tobacco … Yes, we like the taste of salt, but is it to die for," asked James J. Kenney, registered dietician, nutrition research specialist, and author of continuing-education courses at

The problem is not so much the salt itself, but the secondary problems excess consumption can produce, such as hypertensive (HTN), gastric ulcers, and certain cancers. The Institute of Medicine recommends healthy adults younger than fifty years of age consume a diet rich in potassium and low in salt, keeping sodium intake between 3.8 and 5.8 grams (or just under a teaspoon) per day. For those at higher risk for hypertension – African-Americans, those over fifty, and those suffering from chronic conditions, like diabetes and kidney disease – daily consumption should be even less.

According to the Texas Heart Institute, 72 million Americans have hypertensive, or high blood pressure, and as many as 20 million do not even realize it. Genetics may predispose one to hypertension, of course, but several risk factors dramatically increase chances of being diagnosed with the condition. Obesity, physical inactivity, diets high in saturated fats, smoking, diabetes and more than moderate drinking – all health hazards in the Texas population – raise the likelihood of developing high blood pressure. This is only exacerbated by the typical American diet, which is usually sodium lacced in excess.

In fact, Texas may prove to be at higher risk than most states, as conditions either produced or aggravated by high-salt diets and hypertension abound. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, a whooping ninety-six percent of women are considered at least "moderate" drinkers, and men show similar tendencies. Texas also boasts the twelfth highest rate of adult obesity, at 24.6%, and the fourth highest rate of high-school aged obesity, at 13.9%. One out of three children in the state is overweight or obese, as are two out of three adults. Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio even made the American Obesity Society's "Top 10 Overweight Cities" list. Houston is number one, and Austin does not show much healthier statistics than its fellows.

Texas also ranks eleventh for the highest number of diabetics, at just over eight percent of the population. The Lone Star state's problem with diabetes, and, for that matter, with hypertension, may not, however, be independent of its obesity epidemic. These conditions are often seen in conjunction with one another and the New England Journal of Medicine has disclosed that diseases associated with obesity are rising at the same rate as obesity itself. In other words, obesity may be the main culprit in these other diseases' increasing rates – probably aggravated by diets high in sodium and saturated fats. Since this condition iscondition is seen more in lower income groups, and twenty-five percent of the state's population is living without health insurance, appropriate screenings and treatments may be less accessible to low-income, obese patients. These factors combine to create a boiling cauldron of volatile health care problems, waiting to explode. As more and more children become overweight and learn bad eating habits – including, many times, diets high in sodium – that cauldron just becomes bigger and more threatening.

"The added weight of the obesity epidemic to our already ailing health system is causing it to burst at the seams. [Obesity is] leading to escalating disease rates and costs," commented Shelley A. Hearne, DrPH and Executive Director of the Trust for America's Health.

The average American diet reflects precisely the inverse of sodium and potassium recommendations, which is almost certainly part of the problem. Ninety-five percent of American men, and seventy-five percent of American women, devour salt far in excess of the upper-recommended limits. Foods rich in potassium, like dried fruits, sardines, and baked potatoes with skins are simply not on most of our daily menus. Bananas, although one of the only popular high-potassium foods, have a better chance of making it in our bellies than the others, but a few bananas here and there do not even begin to cover our potassium needs.

Britain's Food Standards Agency has launched an initiative with manufacturers to voluntarily reformulate processed and fast foods to reduce sodium content. The United States has not yet done this, but our collective health would benefit by following suit.

Dr. Nicolaos E. Madias, professor of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine and chairman of the Department of Medicine at Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, thinks so. "To be successful, salt reduction should occur gradually, focus on educating both the public and …

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The Benefits of a Healthy Diet Menu!


A case in point is the misinformation that exists in our everyday lives when it comes to food information and diet advice. Most people these days are ever aware about health and realize the importance to find a healthy diet menu. It is no longer possible to go shopping to buy such foods just of any shelf or store to create a healthy diet menu. Most such foods are processed and considered as unhealthy and a major cause of many diseases. Being aware of foods we purchase, fully understand its content, ingredients, as well as the harmful preservatives and additives. It is there cruel when changing your eating plan make sure you can avoid most of processed foods to create the right diet menu.

The Cost of Being Sick!

At any time sickness cost is very expensive and medication prices are constantly increasing. Therefore, even if the healthier food is more expensive it is still a cheaper option over all, plus being healthy and enjoying living without any side effects. The benefit of a healthy diet menu will reduce the doctor or hospital visits and the many dangers of pharmaceutical medication. Alternatives are the only option, as medical experts recommending people to stay healthy through lifestyle changes and by being on the right diet. Pricing, the cost of food or anything necessary for health reasons should not be looked at as a price tag, because health itself is priceless.

The Food We Eat Determines Our Health!

Choosing the right food for a healthy diet menu contributes greatly to our health since it increases years to our life. There are many benefits of a healthy diet you can adapt to find very enjoyable and useful. Preparing your own food has the benefit of a healthier way of life. Junk foods and snacks are rich in salt (the wrong salt), sugars and preservatives, so you must avoid such foods and focus on natural ones instead. Furthermore, because of over processed unhealthy foods overweight people are growing in numbers. Not only does poor nutrition and the wrong diet contribute to fast weight gain, it also increases cholesterol counts, high blood pressure, diabetes and the list goes on. Life is most valuable, and it becomes wasteful if you do not take care of it. A healthy diet is also about detoxifying your body by eating a particular food that helps in this process. Detoxification is a significant way of cleansing the body, which removes toxins and heavy metals that may have accumulated over time. Such exercise will help keeping your body free from many types of illness and diseases.

The Benefit of Herbs!

Herbal treatment is beneficial for colon detoxification, since it involves using natural herbs that help rid the body of toxins and waste material. Adding such herbs to your food will create even a more powerful and healthy diet menu. Consumption of large amounts of fiber in the form of flax seeds, rice bran plus fresh fruits and vegetables is a helpful method of cleansing your body. All you have to do is to make sure that your diet has a large amount of these food products. Another example: Cinnamon thins your blood, although it depends, which cinnamon and what you are trying to correct. A certain cinnamon is also an anti-clotting agent especially for those suffering from heart disease. However, care should be taken, not to take it with other blood thinning medication. There are endless benefits with herbs having them included in your diet the right way. Most important, using the right ones will be rewarding and improve one's health and wellbeing. In developing a physical fit body also strengthens the immune system, and you will be better equipped in focusing your mind to things you want to do. Greater than that, having a healthy lifestyle will allow you to impact people around you. Since we become what we eat, it also displays a great example on the importance acquired from healthy food we use. The main step to a wholesome life is the change into a healthy diet.


Source by Josef Bichler

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Some Useful Tips for a Data Entry Professional


Data entry specialists enter data into a database or an easily accessible form, which is also referred to as data processing. Data processors and data collectors are always very popular because of the high demand and available jobs. Low experience and moderate salary make data capture a great option for job seekers entering the workforce, and experienced candidates can get over $ 20 per hour with remote workers who have the flexibility to work every day of the day of their choice.

Educational needs

Data gathering staff do not need special courses or college courses to do their job. A high school diploma is all that is needed to complete the data input. Students and graduates can get a job as a data collector without previous experience. Senior and senior management with more than 5 years of experience can achieve high salaries and long-term contracts with stable employment.

Preferred skills

Write speeds of more than 45 words per minute and fast writing speed are recommended. Data collectors must also have good proofreading and pay attention to details. Most skills can be improved at work, and any ability to input data improves when the operator is at work. Most basic administrative abilities can be used for data entry. If you have administrative or written experience, these skills can also be used to enter data.

Required software

Every basic text editing software works for data input. However, MS Office is most preferred because of the popularity of the software. Almost every company uses a form of MS Office in their business. MS Office offers everything a modern company needs, from a simple text editor to a spreadsheet.

Required equipment

You need a PC or laptop as well as a reliable Internet service and a printer. No other equipment is required to perform the data input. Working from home to data input costs very little with a minimum of effort. Most workers already have the software and equipment they need so most can start immediately after setting.

Removing tips

When creating a CV for data input, it is strongly recommended to combine skills other than regular sections of employment and education. A summary of the abilities allows the candidate to enumerate all competences gained over the years in the data collection process. Always provide typing speed and additional skills, such as customer service, proofreading, writing, attention to detail, and speed to help employers evaluate their grades.

The best search places

When you are looking for data entry jobs that you can do at your home, the best jobs you can find at home are Craigslist and or your local job offers. The bulk of the data collection is on the ground, but many employers plan to use home-based candidates to save time and money on the business. Most of the employees who work at home or work away from today are employees who have been working for the company for many years and the company has decided to work its employees from home or remotely convenient.

Type of work available

Data collection capabilities can be applied to all types of items, Such as writing, research, transcription, and customer service. If you are looking for data entry jobs, you should also search for these jobs because not all data entry positions are listed under the data input and you get a basic job that makes data input more difficult. a wide range of experience.

Avoid fraud

Data input frauds are omnipresent because most crooks understand what job seekers are looking for a job and place these jobs in popular, large construction sites. Descriptions look like a simple data entry job, but as soon as you connect with them, the functions switch to a job related to a sale or commission or business opportunity. To avoid these fraud attempts, we recommend that you apply only to positions that contain full contact information so that you can verify the legitimacy of the business.

Final thoughts

Although it is harder to do the data input at home than this is due to local demand, it is not impossible and it will be much easier if job seekers follow the tips above.


Source by Mitch Carson

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5 Important Tips For Great Dental Health


Dental health is an important part of everyone's lives. We receive nourishment from food that must pass first through our mouths. A healthy mouth can mean a healthy person in many ways. However, every mouth is different. There is no exact set of rules that everyone can follow to get the same results. Depending on what food you eat, what medicine you take, what genes you were born with, and your oral hygiene, your mouth can very different from someone else's. This is why it is very difficult for some to take care of their mouth, while it may be very easy for you.

We probably all know of someone who brushes three times a day, flosses regularly, but still have cavities when they go to the dentist. You may be lucky enough that you only brush once a day and you always have a good checkup. Developing a routine that works for you is essential to your dental health. Here are five important tips that if followed, can result in great dental health.

1. Visit your dentist regularly. Depending on what problems you've experienced with your teeth in the past, 'regularly' can vary. You may need to see your dentist every three months or so if you have to have your plaque and tartar cleaned out in the case of periodontitis. If you've never experience dental issues you may only need to go in every 6 months for a preventive checkup and cleaning. Consult with your dentist while there about a proper routine for your situation. Your dentist should be able to tell you what is best for your mouth. After all, they do see every angle of it during a checkup.

Some problems that your dentist will take into consideration are medications, if you sleep with your mouth open, if you grind your teeth while sleeping, or experience any other sleep conditions, etc. If you're on medication, there's a chance that you experience dry-mouth. This condition affects your dental health very much. If you sleep with your mouth open, you're more likely to develop gingivitis. Many people have sleep conditions that only allow them to breathe through their mouth. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when forming a routine for your mouth. Your dentist can help you sort through all of these things and find a plan that works for you.

2. Your diet also has a great deal to do with how healthy your teeth are. Sugar in any form, including brown sugar and the natural sugars found in fruit and dairy products, is a tooth's worst enemy. Starchy foods are also suspect and should be ate only as part of a meal. Foods such as raisins and other dried fruits tend to stick to the teeth, enhancing the conditions for destructive acids. Hard candies, breath mints and cough drops also stay in the mouth longer than other foods. The more often you snack, the greater your risk for hosting enamel-destroying acids. If you tend to eat a lot of sweets, you obviously will need to take better care of your teeth than someone who does not.

Eating a healthy diet will help to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Some foods may actually help counter tooth decay. Research has shown that peanuts and aged cheddar, Swiss and Monterey Jack cheeses may actually inhibit or neutralize the pains that cause cavities. However, healthy teeth and gums depend very much on the types of foods you eat, how often and the length of time the foods remain in your mouth.

3. Between visits to your dentist, you should inspect your mouth. You are, or should be the expert on your mouth. You see it and deal with it on a regular basis. Stay aware of what is going on on order to take any steps to prevent problems. Be on the lookout for several things such as chipped teeth, sores or cuts on the gums or tongue, discoloration of the teeth or any type of pain. If any of these signs show up, you should consult your dentist to see what they recommend.

4. Brushing and flossing your teeth frequently is a must. Brushing three times a day is ideal, but two times is sufficient. You should also floss everyday.

Find a toothbrush that has the American Dental Association (ADA) stamp of approval (found on the package). It should also be labeled "soft" and have round-ended bristles, which means it's sturdy enough to clean teeth and stimulate gums, but not scour them. An electric toothbrush may help those who have difficulty brushing their teeth, although it's not proven to clean better than a regular toothbrush. Also, replace your toothbrush every two to three months to keep it in good shape to do its job.

As …

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Strategy Games Tips – 6 Tips of Playing Strategy Games


There are so many strategy games for both on line and for game consoles. In today’s games, there isn’t a need to set the setting of the strategy games for half an hour as the programmers had already figured out what actually the gamer needs and had already been programmed into the game.

Most of the strategy games I played needed lots of planning and speed to play well in the strategy games. These games can be those defense games where you need to build towers at strategic areas or points to fight off an invasion effectively or if you are those kind of offensive players, you can be the one building units to crush the computer’s defense.

There is a saying:” Attack is my defense, defense is my attack”. It really depends on how you want to play it.

6 Simple Strategy Techniques For Playing Strategy Games

1) Knowing in depth of the different kinds of units or races in the game. Normally it isn’t going to be more than 10.

2) Follow the basic rules of the strategy game. Some basics strategies are: Use the melee fighters upfront in the front lines as “meat shield” while the ranged soldiers stand behind the melee fighters to support them.

3) When you have gained enough money, do plan some of it for upgrades of your soldiers, towers etc… Normally starting of the game, it can be quite hard to plan but plan out a strategy of your own.

4) Pick up some air units to support your ground troops. It is a must! Next go get a good siege weapon to destroy building more effectively and faster. Siege weapons are a double edged weapon where it can be used for base defense too. By understanding what does what, you will be in a better position to really deploy them well and avoid stupid mistakes.

5) Pay attention to powered attacks too. It is normally in the form of artillery strike with a huge amount of ground troops charging at you, distracting you and using the siege weapons clearing out your base buildings. Use your air units to flank the siege weapons, counter attack them and surprise your enemy.

6) Last tip is to make sure that you don’t save necessary money that is not necessary. This is a common mistake that new gamers make. There is no point in saving so much money in the game and lose in the end and to prove nothing. But if you are going to build massive or very grand, then just do it. Strike a good balance point between having some savings for defense when needed. You will have to learn this in regards to each specific game.


Source by Linda D. Nickerson

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Water-A Pillar of Health


Water is a basic pillar of health. It is involved in every function of our body . When we drink water, we are keeping our five vital organs hydrated and ready for action: the brain, heart, lungs liver and kidneys. As a result, these organs will work properly and the other organs can work properly as well and we can lead a healthier life.

When we do not drink enough water, our body sufferers. Many health problems can be reduced simply by drinking good water. If your joints hurt and have arthritis, it might be that all you need to do is drink more water. You see, the cartilage in your joints is made of 80% water and it might just be that they are not hydrated enough. If you have high blood pressure, maybe your body is sending you a signal that you need more water because your blood vessels are being constricted. Dr. Colbert says that many of his patients have lowered their blood pressure simply by drinking enough water. So you have digestive problems? Water keeps the digestive juices supplied and helps your body create all the acid it needs to kill the H. Plyori bacteria that causes ulcers, and improvements digestion. So, maybe all you need to do to make your digestive system run smoother is drink more water.

HOW MUCH should we have?

Here is a simple formula that Dr. Don Colbert, author of The Seven Pillars of Health, gives us: Just divide your weight in pounds by two. That is how much water you should drink every day. So, if you are 120 pounds, you should have 60 oz of water; if you weigh 200 pounds, you should have 100 oz. However, that does not mean you have to drink it all. When you eat lots of fruits and veggies, you also are supplying your body with fluids since they are made of mostly water. Depending on how many fruits and vegetables you eat a day, you might be able to add up to a half quart or even a quart of the daily fluid you need.

Is it possible to drink TOO MUCH water?

The answer is "yes". My brother and sister-in-law told me there was a girl on TV that was doing some sort of contest with her friends to see who could drink the most water before having to go to the bathroom. Well, this girl who won the contest lost her life! Can you imagine? So much for more water is better!

The reason for her death was probably that her body was depleted of potassium and electrolyte levels because she had drunk too much water . When we drink excess amounts of water, we can get a condition called psychogenic polydipsia, which causes potassium and electrolyte levels to become dangerously low. This may lead to your death. We do not usually drink TOO MUCH water, but I just want to make you aware of the consequences if you do that since some people always think that more is better when MODERATION is always the key.

WHEN should we drink the water?

Well, contrary to normal belief, it should not be mostly at meal times . At this time you should only have 4-8 ounces and make sure it is room temperature. Any drink that is extremely cold or has ice in it makes it harder for your body to digest your food.

Dr. Colbert suggests in his book "The Seven Pillars of Health" that we should drink most our fluids two hours after meals and up to 30 minutes before meals. You do not have to get all your fluids from water either. Like I said earlier, eating lots of fruits and veggies can count to up one quart of fluid, so that means if you need to 4 quarts of fluid a day, you can make it only 3 quarts of just plain water or tea, or other drinks that are not highly sugared or have filled with caffeine. Coffee counts, as long as you do not have more than 2 cups a day.

Is all water equal?

No, it is not. There is better water than others. It used to be that here in the US we could drink tap water and it was good for us. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. There are many contaminants in it that municipal treatments can either detect nor remove from the water supply, even though the EPA does check the water daily.

Not only are there chemicals and microbes in tap water, but, unfortunately that things that put in it to help "purify" the water is dangerous to us. Some cities put in chlorine to kill microorganisms; however, chlorinated water has been linked to birth defects and …

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