Build Chest Muscles – Here's How to Grow Fast!


Next to big biceps, most people would agree that nice looking pecs are among the most visually appealing and attractive muscles. Women can not seem to stop staring at a guy with great pecs! All the more reason to build chest muscle right? Unfortunately, far too many guys are doing it all wrong!

Which exercises should you add to your workout if you want results fast? Well, here's what I label as the 3 steps to build chest muscle now:

Build Chest Muscle Step 1 –

Use compound movements! It drives me nuts to see all these self-proclaimed experts listing a bunch of isolation movements, and even going so far as to recommend these movements to newbie's! Here's the straight talk for you. Walk over to the mirror right now. Take your shirt off and have a quick look. Do you see slabs of lean chest muscle on your body? No? Then do not do the isolation exercises! It's that simple.

Compound movements will develop your body much quicker, and accelerate your growth. Isolation exercises will slow you down, and often result in a muscular imbalance for untrained individuals.

Build Chest Muscle Step 2 –

Use low rep ranges. There's no need to hammer out dozens of reps. Volume training will take its toll on you. Stick with heavy weights and force that muscle to grow!

Build Chest Muscle Step 3 –

Use free weights! Sure, using the straight bar is easier. You can not lift quite as much with dumbbells can you? That's the point! Dumbbells will force your smaller support muscles to grow as they are now called upon to help you balance 2 separate weights. Want to increase your strength at a rapid pace? Then start using dumbbells …

There you have it guys! 3 tips from my Build Chest Muscle folder … Stick to the guidelines and you'll have that impressive chest soon enough. No more feeling embarrassed to take your shirt off. Now get to work on those pecs!

Ready to clear up all those misconceptions about working out that are killing your results?


Source by Robert Stang