The Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

One of the most important factors in injury prevention is warming up and cooling down, and should not be neglected.

Warming up refers to a preparatory phase at the beginning of an exercise session. Warming up generally involves a period of low-impact exercise regimes which prepare the body for the more strenuous aspects of the sporting activity. Warming up is an important aspect of exercise in reducing the risk of injury that would possibly happen if over stretching occurred, without the person being physically warmed up and prepared for the exercise.

Cooling down refers to a short period at the end of an exercise session. The cooling down phase, again, tends to involve a short period of low-impact exercise which gradually returns the body to its ‘resting state’. The cooling down phase is believed to reduce the risk of muscular soreness which may occur the day after an exercise session, and reduce the risk of fainting or collapse after such a session.

The Warming Up Session

An exercise session should always commence with a period of warm up. In some cases it may take the form of a series of specially designed preparatory exercise, whilst in other sessions it will simply involve performing the activity at a low density before increasing the intensity to the desired level. The warming up period is important for the following reasons:

  • It gets the body ready for the physcal exertion that follows. This optimises the physical condition, enabling the body to cope more easily with the activity. It also enables the athlete to get the most benefit from the session.
  • If the warm-up session has specific movements relating to the sporting activity the muscles can be re-educated in preparation for the coming activities.
  • It reduces the risk of injury (cold muscles do not stretch very easily) and it reduces the risk of premature fatigue which can occur if the cardiovascular system is unprepared for strenuous activity.
  • It prepares cardiac function for increased activity and reduces the risk of stress being placed on the heart.

A typical warm-up may involve some ‘loosening exercises’ followed by a few minutes of low-impact aerobic activity and then a series of stretching exercises. This may last for approximately five to fifteen minutes depending upon the intensity of the session which follows. Loosening exercises at the start of the warm up may include activities such as ‘stretching’ and ‘running on the spot’. These are gentle activities which begin to prepare the body for exercise and are especially important if the athlete has been inactive for a while.

The aerobic exercise may involve activities such as cycling on an exercise cycle. This has the effect of increasing the heart rate, diverting blood to the exercising muscles and raising the overall temperature of the muscles.

Stretching exercises provide the final phase of warm up and ensure that the muscles and tendons are prepared for the exercise. An important reason for stretching exercises is to prevent the muscles and tendons from being overstretched during the session. Such a warm up will also prepare the joints for physical activity.

The Effects of Warm Up on the Body are:

  • Cold muscle, tendons and connectinve tissue do not stretch very easily. Stretching without a warm-up is therefore unlikely to produce the best effects. Warming up also relaxes the body and muscle which further allows them to be stretched effectively. It is also believed that cold muscles and tendons are more prone to damage since they are more likely to tear when cold.
  • A warm-up increases the heart rate gradually, and aerobic exercise prepares the heart and cardiovascular system, together with the muscles, gradually, for exercise.
  • A warm-up also causes the blood to be diverted to the exercising muscles. This is achieved by getting the blood vessels that supply the muscles being used, to dilate. This extra blood is diverted from areas of the body not as important for exercising, such as the gut.
  • Exercising, without warming up, may cause the muscles to work without an adequate oxygen supply. This forces them to use anaerobic processes to supplement their production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). As a consequence, lactic acid accumulates and the muscles may become prematurely fatigued.

A warm-up increases the temperature of the body. This increase in temperature facilitates and speeds up many of the processes associated with exercise metabolism. It increases the rate of nerve impulse transmission, the rate of oxygen delivery to the muscles and the speed of the reactions associated with the production of ATP. Therefore, in this context, a warm up may be said to optimise the condition of the body.

Cooling Down

A cool-down involves a short period at the end of an exercise session during which the physical activity of the body is gradually reduced to almost its resting level. …

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What is Medical Malpractice – How Do I Know if It Happened to Me?

When we seek medical care, we absorb the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and so forth are competent at their work and are giving us the care and advice we need. Most of the time they are. But when they do not the results can be disastrous, even fatal.

Medical malpractice is more frequent than we know

It's hard to gather or find accurate statistics as to results of medical malpractice, because such statistics need to be collected from many medical arenas, not just hospitals. Negligence and failure to diagnoseose also happen at clinics, private medical offices, LASIK centers, urgent care facilities etc., and pharmacies can make medication mistakes as much as doctors or nurses.

If you wonder if you or your loved one have been a victim of medical malpractice , do not try to determine that by yourself. And trying to discuss it with your doctor, or his lawyer or insurance company, will be fruitless for you because those entities are not looking out for your interests.

Statute of Limitations

In Florida, a medical malpractice claim must be filed within two years of the date of injury. There are some exceptions though, so if your two years has passed, do not assume you have no recourse. Contact an experienced Florida medical malpractice lawyer today and it might be that you can still file a claim.

If you wonder what fault it was …

Do not assume that if part if the damage was your own fault, you must have no valid case. In Florida, the award for damages you might win will be proportionally reduced by whatever percentage the court found was your responsibility. But it will not be wiped out alike. Contributory negligence on your part does not block you from filing a claim and potentially winning compensation.

Forms of medical malpractice

Malpractice can be active or passive. In other words, if you doctor prescribed the wrong medication, or if he failed to diagnose your condition, those are both forms of medical malpractice. Not only doctors are subject to medical malpractice claims, but also:


Nursing assistants

Physician's assistants


Pharmacy assistants




Investigation of damages

If you wonder whether you have a valid case of medical malpractice, the best thing to do right away is to obtain a consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer in Florida. After talking with you, the attorney will have a fair idea of ​​whether you have a case, and if you do, of how to proceed.

First there'll be a presuit, ie, information gathering. Your attorney will gather all the relevant medical records and have them scrutinized by an expert. If it's then determined that there's a valid case, your attorney will file a Notice of Intent summarizing your case and including an affidavit from the expert who reviewed your records.

Your claim is then checked out by the defense, and after 90 days, will be either settled, arbitrated, or taken to court.

Source by Tara Pingle

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Health Insurance – Alcohol

The consumption of alcohol in the form of recreational alcoholic drinks is something that many people do not think about in connection with their health insurance applications or premiums but it is definitely a factor. The amount of alcohol a person consumes on a regular basis affects the rate of their health insurance premiums as well as the limits and exclusions to the policy. It is important, however, to be honest when filling out the insurance application for if untruths are found, the policy will likely be cancelled immediately and the reasoning cited as to prevent or severely hamper the procuring of insurance from somewhere else in the future.

Social drinking of alcohol is classified as a drink or two on social occasions now and again, with no real regularity. This type of drinking of alcohol does not have any impact on the insurance application, the policy limits or premium costs. Social drinkers do not have any need to worry about their insurance policies being affected by their alcohol consumption. Binge drinking that takes place periodically where a person drinks a lot of alcohol in a short period of time is another matter altogether. Binge drinking of alcohol is extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening to the body in the form of alcohol poisoning.

Health insurance companies do not like to insure binge drinkers or alcoholics who drink daily because those people are huge risks for the company to take on in that there will surely be dangerous repercussions to the body that result in expensive medical intervention needs. From alcohol poisoning to liver problems and all kinds of physical and mental issues, the abuse of alcohol is a lose-lose situation all the way around for a insurance company to consider. As a result, most people who abuse alcohol cannot get quality insurance coverage.

Alcohol is considered to be a drug in many ways due to the negative effects it has on the body when not carefully controlled. It is ranked with smoking when it comes to health insurance applications so both will get a person a higher premium, certain policy limits or even denied health insurance coverage outright. Health insurance companies are not in the business of taking high risks with their money. Alcohol in excess and good health practices do not go together. Insurance companies do not insure people they feel are at risk for medical care problems that result from excessive alcohol consumption.

If you need assistance in this regard or need help looking for several coverages to cover this, please visit our website at and leave your contact information so we can respond to your request.

Source by Sean L Johnson

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5 Smart Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer always comes with the heat and increasingly rising utility bills. It is not affordable for everyone to pay air conditioning bills and enjoy the cool breeze even when the sun is at its best. High electricity cost can put an unbearable stress on your wallet. However, your worries are over now because every cloud has a silver lining. This means you can beat the summer heat and enjoy all the good things about summer without spending too much on air conditioning. What follows are some simple tips and inexpensive accessories that can help you figure a better solution

1. Get some indoor plants

There are certain indoor plants that keep the air around them cool and fresh. Plants use a process called photosynthesis where they use sunlight and water in order to grow and survive. This process makes plants consume energy or heat present in the surroundings. Have you ever feel that space around a bunch of trees is often colder than normal? It is because plants absorb heat from the air which leads to a more healthy environment.

2. Shade your windows

We know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Windows facing those direction can take in a lot of direct sunlight which can turn your house into a toasty space where it is hard to breathe and stay comfortable. To prevent this, keep the east and west facing windows shaded during the day so that shades can block the sunlight.

Installing blackout curtains is also a good idea because curtains not only block the heat but also make your place look visually appealing. So, don’t forget to cover the sunny side of your windows and doors. It will keep the temperature of your place low and bearable. Besides, open the shade and take off the curtain at night so that fresh air can pass through.

3. Make a good use of your basement

In most of the buildings, the basement is the coldest part. It would be a good idea to use basement a lot for all kinds of activities. In summer, basement provides a cool environment to spend some good family time. If you haven’t yet established your basement, make efforts to make it more liveable. Summer heat is probably a good reason why you should finish up your basement and make it a better hang out room for the summer. This will also add value to your home.

4. Wear breathable clothes

It is really important to wear breathable clothing in order to stay cool in the summer heat. High-quality summer clothing is generally designed to be breathable. Most of the workwear gears are made to keep the wearer cool. Linen, for example, is made out of the flax plants. The linen fibers come directly from the stalk of the plant.

5. Use cooling pillows

Heat can make it really difficult to get a sound sleep. This is where cooling mattresses and pillows come into play and help us get good sleep at night. The cooling pillow is a relatively new technique to fight the heat. They are designed with a special gel that makes you feel cool in the summer.

Unlike air conditioning and other cooling devices, cooling pillows do not put burden on your budget. They create cool ventilation without consuming power and making noise. Experts recommend that we should use eco-friendly methods to survive heat. It would be difficult to find something more eco-friendly than cooling pillows. An informative article suggests a list of best cooling that you can buy to make your summer season more pleasant. Following are some of the benefits of using them:

  • Cooling pillows make you fall asleep quickly pillows
  • They help fight insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • They support the body and provide a high level of comfort


One of the most easiest techniques to beat the heat inside your house is replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescents bulbs which emits up to 70% less heat. Use plants that naturally cools down the house. Also, install a ceiling fan and place it counterclockwise so the air blows down at you.

High energy bills in the summer can really disturb your budget, but if you use smart strategies such as shading windows and using cooling pillows, you can spend a really hot season while keeping your air conditioning on a lower setting.

Source by Basharat Khadim

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Proper Dog Diet- How to Feed your Dog with Healthy Diet

Dogs are man’s best friends. For sure you really love your dog to the extent that you want to nourish it and make sure it is really healthy and taking proper dog diet. Initially, you might think that making your dog gain more weight can be an indication that the animal is healthy. But on the contrary, obesity in dogs is also not an indication of good health.

Different dogs have different dietary needs. The breed, the age and the overall body weight are the contributing factors that influence the dog’s dietary needs. Be reminded that in truth, there is no single proper dog diet that can be considered as ideal in general for every dog.

One proper dog diet program for one dog could be good and ideal for a dog, but definitely not for another. Thus, if you have two dogs, each has its own dietary need, which would be significantly different compared to the others.

Tips on choosing a proper dog diet

A proper dog diet is also a must among dogs. That is why you should always strive to feed your dog with healthy food. Take note that feeding a healthy diet to a dog is not just all about giving the animal nutritious food. There are so many things you should also consider.

Here are some suggested ways on how you could effectively feed your dog with a proper dog diet:

– Ask the veterinarian about a reputable and ideal dog food brand. Do not just jump into the bandwagon and choose a dog food that is widely patronized in the market. Your vet knows a lot about nutrition facts and proper dog diet.

– If the vet makes a shortlist of recommended dog food brands, make sure you select the one that is of high quality. Consider your dog’s size, weight, activity, age and level before choosing the proper dog diet.

– Balance the dog proper diet by including dry food on his daily meals. Moist canned dog food must also be included because such food would certainly help maintain cleanliness of the dog’s teeth.

-Take note of the protein ratio of the dog food you are feeding your pet. Protein is very essential to the dog’s body. Ideally, protein in dog food should consist of about 20% to 30% of each dog meal. That would make up for the recommended protein intake of the dog.

– Do not overfeed your dog. Doing so on a regular basis could make your pet obese. Just like in people, obesity in dogs could also lead to several medical conditions, like musculoskeletal problems and abnormal growth.

– Feed proper dog diet just about twice each day. There are some dog breeds that need to be fed just once everyday. Make the dog’s meal time regularized during specific and consistent times of the day. Make sure the feed is also in a very and exactly measured amount.

– Do not ever feed your dog with table scraps in or under the table and while you or other people are eating. This would make an impression in the dog that begging for food from people who are eating at the table is acceptable. If you must feed your dog with scraps, put the food in his dog bowl after people have finished eating at the table.

It would not be very hard feeding your dog with proper dog diet. But always make sure that there is genuine caring and love every time you feed your dog.

Source by Gerry Restrivera

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The Proper Technique to Administer a Prostate Massage

Knowing the proper technique to administer a prostate massage is a must to have a healthy prostate gland. Others do this in order to achieve a good and lasting prostate orgasm which they say is better than the typical orgasm. Since it’s becoming very popular and common these days, it is necessary to know how to properly perform a prostate massage.

Years ago, this prostate massage was done by medical practitioners to relieve the pain of the prostate for having excessive semen which can also cause a variety of other prostate disorders. For one, it can result to enlargement of the prostate. According to a survey, most men are not really satisfied with their orgasm and would want to improve them, if possible, in a legitimate way. Having a prostate orgasm will definitely and surely address this issue.

Prostate massage is a technique that can easily stimulate the prostate in producing orgasm. Whether you want to learn massaging your prostate to have a satisfying orgasm or to have a healthy prostate, this technique will definitely be of help to your pleasure and satisfaction. This technique is also assured to be safe and easy. You can even do it by your own or with your partner. Now with the proper technique, to administer a prostate massage right is just within your finger tips. You can massage your prostate in the comforts of your home. Some might feel uneasy with the idea of inserting a tool or a finger in the anus. But one should always remember that it is healthy and it will highly help a person to have a better orgasm.

Here is the proper technique to administer a prostate massage.

Prior to the massage, it is necessary to be at ease and relaxed. Massaging the penis and the testicles are good ways to go before the start of the massage. To relieve prostate pain, it is necessary to use an instrument longer than the finger to be able to achieve the best result.

A wooden drumstick is proven to be a very effective tool, in helping relieve prostate pain. So go to a local music store and buy one with a smooth rounded end. This should be as wide as the index finger and can easily slide, it should have no sharp edges and it should not be too fat or too thin.

Before the actual process, it is necessary to have a bowel movement. When you are all done roll the condom and slide it in the large end then have it lubricated with KY jelly. Now go to a crawling position and slowly and gently insert the drumstick in your anus. 4 to 5 inches of it inside should be enough. After that, push it toward the gland and work on it gently and slowly. Make gradual movement toward it for a better result. Slowly slide it with only light pressure. Do a slight pull as if you are using your fingers 1 1/2 inches out of your anus. If you are not comfortable with a drumstick, there are toys available on the net especially designed for prostate massage.

If fluid came out from the penis do not panic since this process is also used in prostate milking and so this reaction is perfectly normal. Repeat the process for about five times. It will definitely cause a lot of sexual stimulation. These sensations may be new to you, but there is no reason to panic. It may be better to enjoy it.

Erection will subside shortly after the process. Slide it again with some pressure on it and hold for 7 counts. Jiggle it a little and then release it. Wait for a minute then repeat it. After that, you are done.

Source by Martin Stonehaven

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The Benefits of Blending Ginkgo and Gotu Kola

Each of these two world renowned herbs are often use together with enhanced effects as a powerful brain tonic. Ginkgo Biloba benefits include circulatory and memory augmentation which works perfectly alongside Gotu kola benefits as a brain booster and nervous system relaxer. Certain medicinal extracts are now available that combined the two healing properties of both these amazing herbs.

Benefits of Ginkgo and Gotu Kola Herbal Extracts:

Increases blood flow to the brain

Promotes longevity and anti-aging effects

Protects the brain against dangerous free radicals

Advances capillary utilization

Gives the brain the ability to handle stress more effectively

The uses Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) have been used as medicine since prehistoric times in India and in the science of Ayurveda. It was used both internally and externally in Indonesia, with its known effects to heal wounds and relieve leprosy.

Ginkgo Biloba can be traced back to ancient China and the traditions of using ginkgo to treat the brain and alleviate symptoms of coughs and allergies. Standardized extracts are still used widely today in medical establishments in France and Germany.

In China it is one of the reported “miracle elixirs of life”. Gotu kola extract holds the reputation as an herb that promotes longevity. This stems from the report of Chinese herbalist Li Ching Yun, who lived to be 256 years of age. Li Ching Yun’s longevity was supposedly a result of his regular use of an herbal mixture chiefly composed of Gotu kola.

The brain requires basically two things to provide energy: glucose and oxygen. A Ginkgo Biloba extract is extraordinary in its ability to prevent metabolic disturbances in the experimental models of insufficient blood supply to the brain. This is achieved by an enhanced utilization of oxygen and an increased cellular uptake of glucose, thus restoring energy production.

Gotu kola or is an herbaceous perennial plant native to Asian and Indonesia. This viney, creeping plant flourishes in and around water, although it grows best in damp, swampy areas. Gotu kola is often found growing along stone walls or other rocky, sunny areas at elevations of approximately 2,000 feet in regions of the world.

It is also beneficial to:


Wound healing

Mental function

Varicose veins


The primary active constituents of Gotu kola are known to be the triterpenoid compounds. Its extracts were incorporated into the Indian pharmacopeia, where it was recommended for treatment of various skin conditions such as lupus, varicose ulcers, eczema and psoriasis. It was also used to treat diarrhea, fever, amenorrhea, and diseases of the female urinary tract.

Why They Are Good For The Brain

A significant increase in the mental abilities in a number of case studies using Gotu kola benefits has been reported. It’s triterpenes have demonstrated mild tranquilizing, anti-stress and anti-anxiety action via enhancement of cholinergic mechanisms. Presumably this mechanism is responsible for the enhancement of mental function as well.

Ginkgo Biloba benefits the brain include membrane stabilization, free radical scavenging, and antioxidant advantages. It is a most effective inhibitor of lipid per-oxidation of cellular membranes. This results in the health enhancement of brain and nerve cells to function optimally.

Both Ginkgo Biloba extract and Gotu kola are well tolerated when taken orally. They work well together and seem to promote and increase the healing properties of one another.

Source by Jeri Hill

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How Often Should You Milk Your Prostate?

Prostate Milking or Prostate Massage is the process of either massaging or stimulating the prostate gland. There are two reasons for massaging the prostate which can either be for sexual stimulation or medical purposes. Sexual stimulation via the prostate is highly beneficial to men since the level of orgasms is 10-folds higher and the durations are much longer. Medical prostate massage provides urologists samples to detect prostate cancer nodules and expressed prostatic secretions to be further analyzed. For whatever purpose a man wants to milk their prostate, there is a guideline to be followed such as a right procedure and a frequency.

So, how often should you milk your prostate? The frequency of prostate milking should be done less frequently compared to you having sex this is to allow your prostate to rest and recover. Not only that but frequent milking may cause serious harm to your prostate. Beside the point stated for limiting the frequency of prostate milking, it is crucial to massage the prostate gland lightly and carefully to avoid lacerations. Take note that you are rubbing your prostate through your anal wall and any laceration may highly cause an infection than can be very harmful and toxic to the prostate gland, your blood and the whole body. If you’re having a regular satisfactory sex life, milking the prostate isn’t really necessary since the fluids and semen is ejaculated on a regular basis.

If you are interested in the benefits of Prostate Milking, there is a guideline that you must follow and it’s about carefully studying the procedure. Know where to massage and how to properly milk your prostate. It’s imperative that one should be aware of how sensitive the procedure is so you need to make sure that everything is well sanitized.

– Start by washing your hands with soap and water and the anal opening.

– Once this is done, use a disposable glove and lubricate your index finger and anal opening or the sphincter muscle. The purpose of the glove is that you don’t want any foreign contaminants introduced inside your body.

– Carefully insert your index finger and allow the sphincter muscle to relax and accommodate your index finger. Once you feel the prostate, carefully and gently stroke it. If there is pain, stop massaging immediately. There might be something wrong with your prostate. Proceed with caution if none.

– Once you are done, carefully remove your finger and clean up.

There are a lot of advantages to Prostate Milking such as cleansing the prostate gland of fluids. Through decades, milking the prostate has also shown signs of reducing the size of enlarge prostates. This activity also has an intense effect on a man’s orgasm. It also helps drain the semen which reduces the impulse of a person to have sex. This is best for people who took vows of celibacy. People who also suffer from Prostatitis are also recommended for prostate milking.

Medical research has also conducted studies on impotence and it’s relation to prostate milking. According to research, men who undergo it, not only allow them to drain the prostate gland but allows them to reverse their impotence as well. If you are familiar with swelling, then you might also be familiar with the accompanied pain that will just not go away. Where there is swelling there is also a need to ejaculate and the pain in swelling will not give you that opportunity. Here’s where prostate milking comes in. It’s another option and it’s a good one. There is an abundance of benefits to prostate milking as it also lessens your chances of acquiring prostate cancer.

Source by Martin Stonehaven

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Technology in Healthcare (How to Get the Most From Your Radiology Dollar)

The decisions are getting harder when we try and determine what our facility should invest in to provide the best patient care. 256 slice CTs, 3.0T MRIs, Digital Mammography, PACS Upgrade, EHR and so on …? We first try and determine our available budget or we are asked to submit a request for funds based upon current and future requirements, local competition and / or physician requirements. It is now necessary to take a long hard look at what is currently being utilized and determine how best to enhance capabilities. You probably begin to bring in vendors to discuss the capabilities of their new systems, as well as potential costs. If you are like many administrators, you immediately get a large blast of reality. You immediately know that you will be limited to one purchase or less and it's possible funding will not be available for several years. If you are experiencing growth, patient count is increasing, test procedures are on the increase, and available system time is becoming harder and harder to come by, then you know you will need to upgrade Radiology capacity.

You now are probably asking yourself why you are faced with this growth. The first thing you may remember is that those people called baby boomers are becoming elderly and generally with age, comes increased health care. Secondly, the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) reduced reimbursements to imaging centers, putting a number of facilities out of business and moving those patients to fewer remaining facilities. And, of course our Government is becoming close to adding more than 47 million uninsured Americans on the rolls of public health insurance which is sure to increase radiology test requirements significantly everywhere in the country. Now that you are pretty much convinced you need to expand capacity, usually with a limited budget, just what do you do?

You first may want to take a close look at what you are utilizing today and determine what is adequate and what needs to be replaced. If you are using a 4-slice CT or less, if your MRI is 1.0T or less, if x-ray, R / F and mammography systems are analog output (film) instead of digital, then you have important issues to resolve. Now, if you have an available budget of around 3 Million dollars you should be able to purchase new replacement systems that will work very well – a 32 slice CT, a 1.5T short bore MRI, x-ray and R / F systems with DR and a digital mammography system.

Let's assume for a moment that you do not have a budget of 3 million dollars but you do require upgrades. Here's what you might consider: Upgrade the CT with a late model 16 slice CT, refurbished, installed and warranted for about $ 200,000. Also, bring in a late model 1.5T short bore MRI system for about $ 400,000. Purchase one new high volume CR system to convert x-rays for about $ 70,000. Add a refurbished fluoro DR system to the R / F room for about $ 45,000 (or a new one for $ 65,000). And finally, purchase a Mammo CR system for about $ 90,000. Now for just over $ 800,000 you have nearly the same results as if you had replaced and purchased new except you will saved approximately 2.2 million dollars.

How do I know this? We do this every day. We enable health care facilities to upgrade with high quality, high performance late model systems for a fraction of the cost of new. This business of diagnostic imaging is all about taking pictures, and as long as the pictures are high quality, very little emphasis should be focused on whether or not the system that took the pictures are new. Remember, once that new system has been operated once, it becomes a used piece of equipment!

Source by Charles Patti

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Why Does My Cat Bite Me First Then Lick Me?

If you’re a cat owner you’ll sometimes be puzzled by your cats behavior, especially when they give you a nip or bite and then lick you straight afterwards. This kind of behavior is very normal among cats as it’s regarded as a sign of affection and not aggression. What your feline friend is trying to tell you is, they Love You, it’s their way of giving you a kiss!

Sometimes their cat kisses can seem more like a bite or a sharp pinch which can hurt. Remember don’t get angry at your cat as you can confuse the poor puss. If your feline friend gives a firm love bite than just be firm and say No! In time your cat will understand it’s still OK to show affection but not to cause you pain.

The reason they do this is not to hurt you, they are simply kissing you like they would normally kiss another cat. Because cats have thick fur and their nerve endings in their skin aren’t close to the skins surface like ours, they need to nip harder in order to express their affection.

For a cat, this type of affection is quite acceptable, but as a pet owner it’s not the most pleasant experience being bitten. To stop this type of behavior you can train your cat not to bite, although this can take some time, patience and persistence before you can control this habit or stop it completely.

Although most cats enjoy affection try not to caress them too much as this can over excite them. An over excited kitty will exhibit many tell tale signs like purring, rubbing against you, chirping and a stiff tail that can quiver. Cats that are over excited usually can’t control their emotions, so be prepared in case your cat wants to give you a kiss.

Make sure when you approach your cat too look at their tail first, as their tail is like their mood detector. Remember if their tail is quivering with excitement avoid contact as you might end up with a love bite.

Approach your cat when it’s in a good mood, their tail will look calm and only the tip will gently move. On the other hand if they’re unhappy their tail will flick from side to side, it’s always best to avoid contact with them until they return in a better mood.

Living in harmony with your cat is possible, just try to be aware of their mood swings and if they do bite and lick you (kiss you) remember it’s there way of saying I love you.

Source by Catherine Jaquet

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The Characteristics of a Good Voice and a Bad Voice

How do you know if you possess a good voice or a bad voice, whether for singing or public speaking? It is a bit hard to classify our own voice sometimes, but it does help if we know what makes up a good voice from a bad voice, and take it from there. Knowing the differences of a good voice from a bad one, and their characteristics, can give you a lead on how to improve your voice.

A good voice has several characteristics, such as calm, nice, vibrating, well- modulated, trustee, low, manageable, warm, friendly, caring, strong, powerful, painted with intonation, filled, expressive, abundant, and friendly sounds. On the other hand, a bad voice has unpleasant characteristics, such as nasal, hoarse, sharp or creaky, high, lachrymose, with shortness of breath, disconnected, too loud, too quiet, timid, colorless, sarcastic, hesitant, tense, weak, monotonous, and boring sounds.

But do you know what aggravates a bad voice? Bad speech. If you have a bad speech, chances are, your audience may find it difficult to appreciate your singing. So that you may have an idea on how to improve your voice and speech when singing, below are telltale signs that might just tell you if you have a bad speech.

• When people ask you to repeat what you have just said. Repetition means they have not understood what you have just said

• When people observe that you have eccentricity for a public commemoration.

• When you pronounce the consonant ‘p’ harshly, artificially, and painfully.

• When after talking for seven minutes, your throat is already tired.

• When in a long sentence, you lose control over the voice towards the end.

• When you have to constantly explain that you’re a leader or someone who holds a high post, because judging on your speech, you don’t sound convincing.

• When your voice sounds too thin or young, though you have a solid appearance.

• When you don’t like your own voice, and have always wanted to improve your singing voice, too, by voice training.

Despite all the non-stop karaoke singing, I know it can get a little frustrating at times not to get the right voice that you want, as well as to realize the sad truth that you have a bad voice and speech indeed. But to improve your singing voice and speech doesn’t always start from straining your voice with non-stop practice or even enrolling in voice training at once.

Voice improvement rather begins by enriching your knowledge about your craft and recognizing your voice’s strong and weak points. Learning how to produce a more pleasant voice and sound, and polishing the rough areas in your voice, can come thereafter.

Source by Clint Peterson

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Designing A Medical Assistant Resume That Will Get The Job

A good solid resume is the essential tool when searching for that perfect job. An effective medical assistant resume should contain some specific information that is focused on the area of ​​expertise in healthcare that the assistant has embraced. A resume is the all-important first impression. It is that "foot in the door" opportunity that is critical to making the proper impact. Before any hiring professional meets you, they will first review your previously submitted resume. Therefore it is the single most important impression you will make within your face to face interview. In fact, getting your face to face interview is really predicated upon the strength of your resume.

Naturally you will want to incorporate the usual basics such as name, contact address and phone numbers, education details and work history, any professional memberships organizations to which you belong, and of course a couple of viable references from people in your profession. If at all possible obtain at least two glowing letters of recommendation from prior employers or professors and attach them to your resume.

Stating your qualifications is only the beginning. Emphasis should be placed upon your unique gifts and talents, such as other languages ​​you speak, rewards you may have won, (but only if they are appropriate to the position for which you are applying), and any special areas of expertise you possess that would be strong selling points to a potential employer. Sometimes referred to as flags or blinkers, these essential points may include such things as certificates, specialty seminars or workshops for which you have documentation, proof of internships, and volunteer work.

It goes without saying that you will want to have the most professional looking resume possible, expertly proofread and printed on the best quality formal paper you can afford. It is also very desirable to have a good photograph of yourself attached to or incorporated into the resume. Be certain that any references you may use have been pre-screened for suitability as to what they will say or what information they will release concerning your work history or credentials. The formality and overall tone of your resume will depend in great part upon the particular position you are applying for. Do not hesitate to create more than one style of medical assistant resume to accommodate different potential employers.

For instance, if you are applying for a position in an exclusively private office such as cosmetic surgeon or upscale dermatologist, adjust your resume accordingly. A simple one-page resume will do just fine for most hospitals, clinics and the average medical office however. Keep your resume professional, simple and to the point. Do not include superfluous information that has nothing to do with the position for which you are applying. Most community colleges offer classes in resume preparation and career guidance centers who will assist you. Take advantage of these free opportunities if you have the slightest doubt about your ability to produce an excellent resume.

Source by Alana Vaughn

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Reverse Phone Services That Use PayPal

As we all know, PayPal is one of the most secure payment forms on the internet and they provide you with a secure online transaction each and every time. Reverse phone services include this service so you never have to worry about people stealing your identify when you sign up for the service. With that said, here is some more information on why reverse phone services use secure payment forms and why you should too.

The main reason why you should always go though a secure site when signing up for a reverse cell service is due to the fact that your information is safe. When placing your credit card information, name, and e-mail address online without going through a secure site, you may be in a heap of trouble. This could lead to your identity being stolen or your credit card being swiped from someone far, far away.

The next reason why it is important to sign up for a reverse cell service with PayPal is because it makes life just a little bit easier. You don’t have to jump through loopholes or contact someone for support. It is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete.

The last reason why people should use PayPal is because they are reliable. ClickBank, the leader in digital downloads has teamed up with PayPal to allow you to have a secure transaction for any service in which you need.

So take the time to find a reverse service that includes PayPal and you will find the information you need today.

Source by David Matthews

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Top 4 Tips to Improve your Ebay Listings and Sell More on Ebay!

The better your listing looks on eBay the more likely it is to sell well. So how do you improve your listings to make them desirable and get you the best price that you can? This article will give you the top four tips on creating a great listing.

1. Have good quality pictures. The better the quality of picture the more likely it is that people will buy your item. Make sure you take the photo in good light as this makes your item stand out better. Think about it, you would not want to buy something that looks out of focus or the picture was not clear.

Take more than one photo at different angles and choose the best one.

2. Choose the most specific category possible. This helps buyers find your item, and therefore give it better exposure. If you're not sure then you are allowed to list in a second category.

3. Your title is the most important aspect of your listing. If you have a descriptive qualifying title then people are more likely to have a look at your listing in more detail. Try to use words that you think people will be looking for and provide as much detail as the space will allow. Do not waste space by putting unnecessary words or characters such as @LOOK HERE @ or ** HOT ** as it has been shown to put off buyers.

4. Provide as much detail in your listings as possible. People like to know upfront things like the condition of the item – New / Used. Does it have any marks / scratches on it. If it's a book or dvd, what year is it from. What is it about? The more information you can provide the better.

Not only does this help people decide either to bid on your item or not, it reduces the number of emails that you will get asking questions about your item.

Improving your listings is simply a matter of showing off your product to the best it can be by providing a great clear picture, killer title and detailed description. If you do this well you'll be on the way to eBay riches sooner than you think!

Source by Tracey Edwards

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Perineum Massage – How Can I Hit My Man’s P-Spot Every Time We Are in Bed?

If you are searching for a way to heighten the passion in your bed, allow me to tell you about your man’s p-spot. This is an area in his body that is highly sensitive. Stimulating it would send electric jolts throughout his body. If you want something that would leave him asking for more, here are some tips to hit your man’s p-spot every time you are in bed.

Your man might not be aware that such spot even exists. He might now know that being touched in that area would actually be exhilarating. So, educate him by providing some loving on his p-spot. By teaching him this new technique, you also need to inform him. The perineum massage would not work if it will come as a surprise. This kind of sensuous massage is a joint project.

The perineum is part of the prostate gland. It is situated at the lower end of the prostate. This spot is very sensitive because there is a cluster of nerve endings lodged in that area. Yes, similar to the head of his penis, and the so-called g-spot of women. There are testimonials claiming how this p-spot parallels that of the female’s g-spot.

There are certain details you have to consider before you proceed to massaging the perineum or the prostate. First on the list would be knowing the prostate per se. This gland is part of the reproductive organ. It is the shelter which the alkaline component of the semen is housed. Its size is similar to that of a walnut, while its form takes the figure of a chestnut. It is practically small but very significant.

For you to massage this area, you have to explore the insides of your man. By doing this, you have to insert your finger in his anus. A bump along the rectum would tell you the spot of the prostate. Don’t get too excited once you have reached this spot. You simply have to press it gently, tap it, or massage it in a circular manner. Again, you just have to gentle when you touch him.

Inform your man of what you are about to do so he would not get too tensed while you are doing it. Tell him that you will be helping him to reach an orgasm akin to multiple orgasms of female. Also, make sure that you look confident while you are doing this. If you appear tensed, most likely, he will sense this and be tensed too. Look unto his eyes while you are exploring his booty. This would be your first step in giving him a massage.

To help you get a feel of his inner bottom, and for your lover to get familiar with the sensations, you have to start with just touching his butt. Go and explore his butt cheeks. Then, gradually progress to touching the anus. Later on, lightly tap this area. You will notice that his muscles are relaxed and ready to be explored. This would be the sign that you can already continue to penetration.

It would be of great help if you get to use a lubricant. I always go for the water-based lubricant because I prefer its glide. However, I am not discouraging you to have a take on oil-based and gel-based. Try these three variants, and find out whatever suits you. You will learn as you go along. So, take this activity as a journey that will lead you to higher passions and higher knowledge of each other’s body.

Start practicing and hit your man’s p-spot the next time both of you are in bed.

Source by Martin Stonehaven

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Healthy Eating vs Chocolate Chip Cookies

Congratulations. You've made the decision to eat healthy and get some exercise. You're not only going to feel better but also have a better quality of life because of your decision. You're leaving behind lots of fat, sugar, and caffeine, and your body is going to like that.

There's more to the story of longevity and good health in our lives. What we eat is only part of our health; attitude, mental health, background, family history, environmental exposures, physical activity, and other factors play into it too.

It's all about balance. You do not have to be perfect with your food all the time. Having a chocolate chip cookie or a morning mocha now and then is not going to cause you to kick the bucket early. Remember moderation and balance in all aspects of your life.

Changing your lifestyle and eating habits can be tough. If you immediately say no to everything you've previously enjoyed, you can end up feeling stripped. This negative feeling can lead you to say "All is lost, I give up" when you slip up and have one cookie. Or it can have you thinking "This is too hard, I can not live this way, I give up". Feeling deprived is the downfall of many dieters.

The lesson here is to make lifestyle changes gradually. Try changing just one thing at a time and do not move on until that change has stuck. For instance, cut back gradually on your soda until you're totally on water. Gradually doing this helps you to not feel deprived and also helps with the withdrawal from caffeine and sugar. It's harder to stay with something if you're having serious withdrawal headaches and grumpiness.

Instead of dwelling on what you can not have, concentrate on adding things to your life to make it healthier and more satisfying. Add walking the dog around the park or playing hide and seek with your kids to your daily routine. Instead of thinking about that double cheeseburger you can not have, go to the movies or dancing with a loved one.

Remember balance. It is your life and you are free to make choices. You can choose to occasionally have your favorite treat, and when you do so, really enjoy it without guilt. Keep the big picture in mind – your good health – and you'll do just fine.

Source by Peg Baron

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3 Sex Skills You MUST Master (If You Want Awesome Orgasms)

There’s “sex”, and then there’s “SEX!” We’ve all had plain old missionary style sex that gets to be bore over the years. If you are just having standard, boring sex then you are really missing out on the real orgasmic pleasures of true mind blowing sex.

If you want to experience awesome orgasms, you just need to follow these 3 sex skills:

1. Long Lasting Sex. This must be mentioned first because it’s a HUGE reason why women, and men, experience either no orgasms at all, or else very lousy and weak orgasms.

Obviously this most often falls on the man. The man needs to learn to last long during sex and not experience the ever so common problem of premature ejaculation. This is a sex skill you simply have to learn if you want to give your partner incredible orgasms. And if you are suffering from premature ejaculation then your own orgasm is WEAK. Quick ejaculation orgasms are simply not as strong as those which take longer to achieve.

In order to last long during sex you have to learn some physical exercises and some mental breathing techniques to calm the mind and not get it overexcited (which is notorious for leading to quick ejaculations). Practice squeezing the small muscle between the anus and testicles which you can feel when you urinate and top mid stream. Flexing it will make it stronger and allow you to last. It takes some weeks to get used to but it is definitely worth it for both you and your partner.

Now if you are a woman, your job is to encourage your guy to learn to last. Give him the exercises and help him practice them so you can have the long lasting sex that you and he deserves.

2. Oral Sex Mastery. This is the second best sex skill you need to master because oral sex is unbelievably so darn pleasurable! Let’s be honest, oral sex feels amazing. It is oftentimes much more incredible than regular sex. For this reason alone you need to master this skill big time.

If you are woman you can easily learn some incredible techniques for giving ridiculous mind blowing orgasms to guys. The type where they look down in utter disbelief at the pleasure you are giving them.

If you are a guy it gets a little trickier. Honestly, most guys are clueless about “going down there”. There’s definitely certain techniques and rhythms to learn and major tips that work wonders for unbelievable orgasms. These are the type of orgasms that the woman remembers for years to come. You may split up with a woman, and then see them a few years later, and that initial look they will give you will automatically convey memories and images of those amazing nights of oral pleasure that you gave her. That’s how powerful good oral sex can be.

Some oral tips to get started with are to take things slow at first. Don’t rush down there and slobber away. Go slow and gradually pick up your pace developing a steady rhythm. Listen to her! If she is responding well then keep at what you are doing. If there’s obvious room for improvement then allow her to guide you a bit to where it feels best. Eventually you will want to learn the oral sex skills where you won’t need to be guided but you will provide ways to pleasure her that she never even knew about.

3. Hot Sex Positions. We talked about the missionary being lame. That’s because there are so many other positions to choose from and experiment with that are much “hotter” and more erotic than the typical missionary.

The key to awesome sex is variety. And variety will come in the form of switching up your sex positions. As an example, a small sampling of your standard rotation of sex positions can be the following: Have her on top, go from behind, insert from the side, straddle each other in the sitting position. There are many variations to sex and they are all incredibly pleasurable. The key is to mix it up. Learn as many as possible and rotate them.

Don’t just learn standard sex positions either, learn oral sex positions such as the 69 where you are both performing oral on one another at the same time.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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