Great Tips For First-Time Contact Lens Wearers

For the most part, people take having perfect vision for granted. As a person ages, they may start to notice their eyesight getting worse. Rather than waiting to address this issue, a person needs to get an eye exam immediately to figure out what needs to be done.

If a person’s eyesight is in decline, an optometrist will usually give them a choice between glasses or contacts to correct this issue. Choosing contacts is a great option due to how easy they are to use. The following are some of the things a first-time contact lens wearer needs to be aware of.

Learn How to Relax When Putting the Contact In

One of the biggest mistakes most new contact lens wearers make is being too rough when putting in their lenses. Not only can this cause a lot of discomfort, it can also lead to the eye getting scratched. While inserting and removing the lenses may be a bit intimidating, a person will have to find a routine that works for them.

When putting in or taking out the lenses, a person needs to make sure their hands are clean. The last thing a contact lens wearer wants is to get a piece of dirt or dust in their eye due to the discomfort this will cause.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying properly hydrated is one of the main components of having success with contact lenses. By staying hydrated, a person can avoid getting dry eyes while wearing their contacts. If a person works in a particularly dry environment, they may need to carry some rewetting drops with them.

Having dry eyes will make the contact insertion and removal process very uncomfortable. If a person has a consistent problem with dry eyes, they need to consult their eye doctor. The doctor may prescribe medicated drops or suggest a new brand of contact lens for the patient to try.

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