Healthy Foods That Are Allowed When Following the Mediterranean Diet


The Mediterranean food diet is among the healthiest diet plans you'll find, and nutritionists are more than enthusiastic about it. Researchers believe that this diet will provide the healthiest menu, and in the long term, the healthiest lifestyle and the longest life expectancy.

With a list of foods that includes small portions of red meat, chicken, turkey and eggs, not only is this diet satisfying and filled with tasty recipe choices, it is a way to keep your body healthy and better able to resist chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. The Mediterranean diet also includes fruits and vegetables, seafood and legumes, olive oil, nuts, and beans. The Mediterranean diet defines proper food combinations and, together with the natural health benefits of the foods themselves, provides a healthy, balanced diet that is easy to stick to.

Here's Why it Works

While the Mediterranean diet is not designed to bolster weight loss, the foods offered on its menus are conducive to the type of healthy life style that will encourage your body naturally to shed excess pounds. The very nature of the foods you eat on this diet plan is satisfying, filling, and delicious. You will not feel deprived, therefore you will not be tempted to go fishing for carbs and sweets to satisfy unhealthy cravings.

The Mediterranean diet cook book will enhance the health benefits of the foods contained on your list of acceptable diet foods since it teaches you the proper ways to prepare them, and the best combinations to get the most nutritional boost. It is not enough to eat only those foods on the diet food list, they still must be prepared correctly to glean maximum benefits from them.

Olive oil is important in food preparation on the Mediterranean diet because it offers the best fat for your body. Olive oil brings the "good" fat that helps lower the "bad" cholesterol in your body, and it is also an anti-oxidant which helps your body lower and stabilize free radicals. Still, despite its benefits, olive oil needs to be used in moderate amounts.

The Mediterranean diet contains foods that are, for the most part, unprocessed. Provided you do not over-cook or process them, foods like fruits and vegetables, nuts and cereals are fine. For this reason, the diet calls for preparing your meals from scratch.

It is because of the few restrictions in the Mediterranean diet food list that it works, even though some foods that are not necessarily considered dietary are allowed in small portions. The diet provides for moderate servings of eggs, dairy, and other foods you might not normally associate with a healthy diet. Discuss the benefits of the Mediterranean diet with your physicist or nutritionist to find out more about the foods offered, and how, when ate in combination, they promote a healthy lifestyle.


Source by Roy Forchet