Healthy Weight Loss With Quickest Results


Looking better, becoming healthy, or improving energy are all good reasons to shed that excess fat. Healthy and sustainable weight loss can be a significant challenge in even the best of circumstances and that is why it is important to work hard and when it comes to the battle of the bulge it's equally important to work smart. There are some key elements to healthy weight loss but there are also some, lesser known, natural methods to make the body burn the fat and increase metabolism.

First the fundamentals
1. Healthy eating: Most people should be eating between 1400-1800 calories a day but along with an appropriate quantity the food should be high quality as well. So put down the pop, coffee, packaged / processed foods, sweets, chips, grains, dairy and red meat. Instead diet should be focused in fruits & vegetables along with some chicken / fish, lentils / legumes and nuts / seeds.

2. Activity: Daily activity is vital for long-term health. Rigorous exercise may not be for you but by including some mild to moderate activity you can vastly improve you health while reducing your waist line. Try 20-30 min of brisk walking a day. You can do this after dinner or you can park that distance away from work and include as a part of your day that way.

Helpful supplements
There are a great deal of supplements out there are reported to make you lose weight but only a few are actually effective.

1. Raspberry ketones: taking this supplement will actually change body chemistry so that the body will think its in starvation mode. When the body thinks it's starving the first thing it does is burn up all the energy stored in the fat cells resulting in the shrinking of fat cells. Raspberry ketones have received a lot of attention slowly and they are certainly useful in getting fast and noticeable weight loss. Raspberry ketones are considered to be safe even when taken in incredibly high doses.

2. Green tea: not only is green tea chalk full of antioxidants it also helps to increase metabolism. By having 2-3 cups of green tea a day your body will burn energy faster. Green tea also has a little bit of caffeine so it can also serve as a substitute for coffee.

Often times weight loss can be more than just a battle of calories vs. calories out as there several other important factors that contribute to weight gain and stubborn weight loss.


Source by Roy Minder