How to Expose the Bad Guys and Protect Yourself and Family – Criminal Background Checks


The chance that you or somebody you know will become a victim of some type of crime in the coming year is much greater than you think.

If you account for all types of crime including crimes such as computer crimes, scams, fraud, robbery, burglary, car theft, physical and sexual assaults that happen in the United States each year, the likelihood that you will become a crime victim could be as high as fifty percent.

Looking further into crime statistics, two facts emerged that can help us not become a victim.

Number one-Most crimes are committed by repeat offenders. With the internet we can find out about their past crimes.

Number two-Many times criminals target us or our neighborhood before committing crimes upon us.

Our best chance would be to identify these criminals before they become a threat to us. That is where the internet and your computer can help you.

It use to be expensive and time consuming to check someone’s background, but not today with background check databases available online, everybody can become their own private detective.

Most of these sites will give you information on:

Criminal Records

FBI Files

Prison Records

Criminal History

Sex Offender Status

Any time you meet someone socially online you should run a quick background check, especially on the online dating sites. Also you should check out anyone who has contact with your kids. Check out your babysitter, coaches, day care center teachers, and anybody else who has daily contact with your kids.

You could also check the background of your tenants, or your landlord or even the medical providers you use.

You should use modern technology to better protect yourself and your family. There are many sites on the web you could use. Check out my blog to see which service I use for my own peace of mind.


Source by Tony C James