Scrapbooking Healthy Food Choices: Diet and Eating Motivation


Scrapbooking is an opportunity to regularly transfer your focus over to a segment of life chosen by you alone. With scrapbooking, your focus is transferred as you make the object and as you enjoy it later. Scrapbookers have the potential to use this activity for the pure enjoyment of the activity itself, assuming it is naturally a favorite activity for them to do, and to use the benefit of this focus in their lives for improving their lives.

The benefit is that, as a scrapbooker, you can make a choice which leads you to better behavior and or feelings. Some people use this benefit in other worlds of art. One famous life improvement speaker reports using her instagram photos to help kick start new diet changes. Using photos in this way means including what you like and what serves the purpose of your goal. In this instance, that goal is to "wash your mind" with the imagination that will lead you in a new positive direction for health: diet change.

Scrapbooking, of course, is one way to accomplish this same feat. Collages are one option. Creating photographic imagery and using this in your scrapbooking projects is possible as well. And including poster board sized scrap projects is a chance to bring attention to these concepts just as you would do using a vision board, which also hones your focus on specific goals or achievements. Another option is to use the appropriate photos and words in the same vein that you would use wall marquess; these signs and symbols operate like decorative objects and also are special representations of what you value and would like to include in your life. Paper crafting and scrapbooking, as you can see, provides a variety of ways to motivate diet changes.

Some people question whether or not the word diet should be used, saying instead that a "lifestyle change," specifically for eating, is more akin to what we experience when making real and lasting changes. And, so they believe this is more appropriate term. The consistency of the change is what is emphasized.

In the same way that a lifestyle change is an overhaul of consistent behaviors, so is the effect of scrapbooking or photographing your goal; these new food images are meant to have a regular place in your life, establishing a mental continuum, one which overtakes the thoughts and imagery of the past and provides a new and healthier "main set of imagery" from which to draw your motivations.


Source by Al Tinas