Self Healing – Create Yourself As a Health Magnet


Health is your natural state. Without even lifting a finger, you are whole and complete. Let's start from that place – that wholeness is natural. If you're having health trouble, then, it only stands to reason that something has unintentionally slipped. No big deal, as long as you can recreate your natural state of health. But how?

What if the solution was as simple as answering the question, "How can I allow health and wholeness to find me more easily?" Kind of like getting out of your own way.


Perhaps it is. Perhaps it's just a teeny little course correction.

Now I'm not saying the un-matching activity would be something you're doing intentionally. Almost certainly it's not. But let's consider that throughout, over the years, you've developed some beliefs or habits that do not serve your best interests. Not too much of a stretch, is it? Of course not. Because most of us have.

Whatever it is for you might not be quite the same as it is for Nancy, but let's just eavesdrop on her internal conversation for a moment and see if we can pick up some tips.

Nancy's mind: "Hey, I just got this idea. What if my natural state is health and this challenge I'm dealing with at the moment is nothing more than a little blip on the radar? Like I'm accidently getting in my own way? Let's try it – how can I be more receptive – and allow health to find me more easily? "

Nancy waiting: Fingers drumming on table. Nothing. Darn.

Nancy's mind: "No problem. I just need to be more intentional. I'll turn off the TV and the phone, get comfortable, and take a few deep breaths. because it's important and I think it could really help … Ahhhh …. "

Nancy's mind: "That's better. Now. Slowly. How can I allow health and wholeness to find me more easily?"

Nancy waiting: I'll just follow my breath and see what comes. Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing …

Nancy's mind: "Aha! You know, I've been working really hard la. Long hours. Not getting enough rest. more rest! "

Nancy waiting: Following my breath. Health and wholeness is my natural state. It's so easy. Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing …

Wow, you know I've been living on mini-pretzels and sandwiches. Squash. Tomatoes. Leafy greens. Gotta give your body the raw materials … "

Nancy waiting: Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing slowly …

Nancy's mind: "Oh my sister. Did I ever apologize for missing little Justin's piano recital? Gosh, I mean to .. But I think I forgot … Call Julie …"

Nancy waiting: Breathing slowly in and out. Breathing … Breathing … Breathing … So relaxed … Coming back into the room now.

Nancy's mind: "I really could take better care of myself … Some extra rest, nutritious food, and catching up with family. as I've been running? Gotta slow down and give it a chance! "

Nancy's mind: "Wow. That just makes so much sense." Simple, too. If I want to do this right, I've gotta be willing to be a different me. And actually, it does not sound too bad. "

What would your mind come up with, if you tried the same thing as Nancy? Here's how to do it:

  1. Prepare a simple question: "How can I allow health to find me more easily?"
  2. Set aside 20 – 30 minutes of private quiet time. Shut off the TV, the phone, and even your computer. No tweets!
  3. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Follow your breath in and out. Bring your question to mind and then gently let it float away. Just breathe. Allow the awareness to come to you.
  4. Notice any stray thoughts, ideas, or feelings that bump into your consciousness. Notice them, then let them go and follow your breath. In and out. Nice and slow.
  5. At some point, you'll feel complete. If you like, set a non-ticking count-down timer to alert you when 30 minutes has passed. Then wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.
  6. While you're still relaxed, pick up a notebook and pen or pencil and jot down anything that comes into your mind. You may notice thoughts you had during your quite time, or sometimes something fresh will surface as you write.
  7. Remember, an insight is only as good as the action it inspires. There's no such thing as an idea "too small" to make a difference. If the insight came, it's worth your attention.

What if it was something really simple? Like a little more rest, or a teaspoon of cod liver oil every day? Health is your natural state. Allow it to find you easily.


Source by Elizabeth Eckert