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Tips on How to Select the Right Wine Refrigerator Based on Your Needs

Small wine coolers or refrigerators are storage devices that are designed for relative short term use. These devices can keep the wine at the right temperature for consumption, which ranges from 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit, based on the specific wine. There are a lot of types and brands of wine coolers at contrasting price levels on the market right now. But choosing the least expensive wine fridge with the capacity that you require is not always the right action. It is important that you take your time selecting the best wine fridge that will suit your budget and needs. The best place to find the latest wine fridges is at your local department stores or online retailers. Below are some of the important aspects you need to consider when buying wine coolers.


Basic and less expensive units usually come with chromed wire shelving, it is adjustable but others are not. The quality wine coolers utilize vinyl coated wire shelving with strong wood framed grids. Since wine bottles come in different sizes and shapes, it is best that you choose a fridge with adjustable shelves if you want to store any larger sized bottles. There are now a lot of wine fridges that come with slide-out, glide-out or rollout shelving.

Number of Bottles You Can Store

Bottle capacity is an important factor you need to consider when buying a wine fridge. You will want to guarantee that your wine fridge is just the right size for the all the wine you are planning to store in it. If you are simply purchasing a case or two of wine to drink for the following months, a 24 bottle fridge may seem like a good choice. However, wine collection have a tendency to expend, so it is a great idea to allow for growth in your estimate. If you are really a true connoisseur and would like to age some of your wine for several years, then you will have to buy a larger unit that can store both your aging wine as well as your regular supply for day to day consumption. It is always a good idea if you double your estimates.


Since wine coolers are becoming more and more popular in the market, the prices of these units have lowered considerably in the last couple of years. There are multiple type and brands at varying price range available on the market now. You just have to look for a unit with the best capacity, features and reliability that also suit your budget. Things that are required will help streamline the brands and some special features can be excluded if the cost of the unit is too costly for your budget.

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