Areas Of Your Life That Are Key To Living A Balanced Life


What are the keys to living a balanced life? How can we live our life to the fullest if one or more areas of our life go unfulfilled or neglected? For example, maybe you are successful in your career. But allow your family life to suffer? Or maybe you are a very informed person. But you allow your health to wither away.

To live your life abundantly, I believe there are certain areas of life you need to develop for balance in your life. Those areas would be mind, body, Belief system, career, and relationship.


Your mind deals with your desire to learn. In this fast-changing world, your ability to absorb new skills and information become ever more important. You have to build your intellectual hunger by building your personal development regime. This will not be easy, but it can be done.


Your body is an area that deals with your physical health. Since your body is the means through which you conduct your actions, it is important to keep your body in tip-top shape. Not only will a healthy body prevent you from being sick, it will also help you thrive at a high-level to help you accomplish your duties with speed and passion.

Belief System

Your belief system is an area that deals with your integrity, values, and ideologies. It also deals with your relationship with the infinite. Your belief system is where your life purpose and meaning comes from. In my opinion, the fact that it gives purpose in life is vital to your existence. But it doesn’t mean that you should focus on only developing your belief system. Even if your belief system is strong, you won’t live your life to the fullest if you don’t balance the other areas in your life mentioned in this article.


This area of your life deals with your career and achievements. This area has to do with the productivity in your life; your productivity is measured by what is accomplished during your career. If you want to be a productive person, you should increase your production in this area.

These essential areas should serve as the basis for you to build your life on. You will want a balanced growth in all these areas. You will want to allocate your time to each area equally. You should make periods of time for your belief system, mind, body, relationship, and career.

If you feel that you are under developed in a certain area, you will want to put more effort into that area. I have used this framework for years and I feel the benefits of doing so. Again, the key is balancing all areas of your life.


This area deals with your relationships with your friends, family, and associates. Relationships are what make your life beautiful. The greatest feeling of fulfillment doesn’t come from your achievements; it comes from your relationships. You are only as good as the relationships you nurture, cultivate, and maintain.


Source by Mark Huddleston

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Non-Human Primates in Medical Research


Animals continue to be extensively used as research specimen in almost every major medical breakthrough. The utility of animals in medical research has been widely acknowledged. A wide variety of animal species are used for research that range from fruit flies to non-human primates. Research using non-human primates is required for testing drugs, clinical trials, neurology studies, evolution, genetics, behavioral aspects, reproductive biology, cognitive science and even in Xenotransplantation. An estimated 65,000 non-human primates are used for research purposes in UK and USA alone.

Use of non-human primates is significant as their brains share structural and functional similarity with the human brain. Most commonly used non-human primates for research purpose include apes, gorilla, chimpanzee, macaques, marmosets, baboons and orangutans. However, the use of non-human primates has always been controversial as it is related with ethical issues.

As per the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, human interests are protected by the law as they are considered legal persons. Non-human primates do not enjoy any such privilege. However, this status has always been a continuous topic of debate. Considering research on primates as unethical, various countries including Australia, Sweden, New Zealand and Netherlands have prohibited doing any kind of experimental using great apes, a biological family that enterprises of gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans and humans. Considering the fact that animals do have a similar sense of pain and trauma as like humans, several organizations, animal rights groups, philanthropists, animal lovers, researchers, philosophers and primatologists are advocating for a world wide prohibition over the use of primates in research.


Source by Pauline Go

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Bilberry Extract


With people leading a very hectic lifestyle, it has become especially important to focus on maintaining a proper diet that can help in preventing ailments and keeping the body energized. Berries, for example, are considered the best option when it comes to flushing out all the toxins from the body and purifying blood. One of the most popular and beneficial berries is bilberry which has several key properties and benefits. Bilberries and blueberries are very similar to one another. The only noticeable difference that can be found between the two is their color. While bilberries are usually red on the inside, blueberries have a light green tinge. Bilberry extract is also available as a supplement.

Places where Bilberries are found in abundance

Ireland, Scotland and Poland are known for the best quality of bilberries. Plucked usually in the months of July and August, these berries are generally used for preparing jams, jellies and juices.
Bilberries grow best in damp, acidic conditions. Since they are very similar to the huckleberries and blueberries, the best way to distinguish them is by noticing that the bilberries appear in singles or pairs.

Benefits of the Bilberry extract

Including bilberries in the regular diet provides a host of benefits, especially to the eyes as well as the digestive system. According to dieticians, bilberry extract contains anthocyanins that function as UV filters in the eyes and prevent harmful rays from affecting the retina.

Studies have also proved that consumption of bilberries help in improving night vision. This is primarily because bilberry enables the eyes to adjust with changing lights effectively. Another key benefit that bilberries provide is in maintaining the circulatory system. Not only does this herb help in reducing inflammation, it also relieves gastro intestinal problems effectively.

Consumption of berries that have antioxidant properties has proven to be highly effective in combating cancer. According to a number of clinical studies conducted in the last couple of years, berries with antioxidant properties are effective in minimizing the risks of cancer.

Some other benefits offered by the bilberry extract include preventing menstrual cramps and healing stomach ulcers. Additionally, consuming bilberry can help in improving thrombosis, varicose veins and angina.

How to consume Bilberries

Many people prefer taking bilberry tea while others go for bilberry extract supplements that have a host of benefits. Notably, single ingredient supplements are not as effective as the multi nutritional supplements. You may also find these berries at local markets in late summertime.


While bilberries offer a number of health benefits, pregnant and lactating women should be cautious before consuming them. In some people, bilberries have led to problems such as stomach aches, headache and even dizziness. This is more common in people who are already on medication. It is there before recommended to seek the advice of doctors and dieticians before trying them if you are already taking any medication.

For further information on these amazing berries, please click here .


Source by Chris Bassett

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Surgical Enlargement Alternatives – Learn How to Increase Your Penis Size NATURALLY From Home


Who else is considering surgical penis enlargement ….. or implantation? Are you seriously thinking that getting some surgical help is the answer for your size self esteem? Have you tried pills, pumps, potions and lotions and found ALL of them lacking where it matters most? (as in …. REAL results?) If you are anything like I once was, the simple truth is that when all other options seem to have expired, augmentation, implantation or even penile enlargement surgery seem like a good last chance.

Want to know the truth? It's NOT …. and there are lots of legitimate alternatives you SHOULD consider instead.

For example?

A medical grade extension device, or professional penis stretcher (which sounds silly …. but they're NOT .. 🙂 is often the very best way to get surgical style results, for a fraction of the cost. (and of course, with none of the risk, or pain, or potential problems associated with surgery) You can buy a highly rated extension device online, or via offline marketing methods as well, and you'll find them to be a well validated and medically approved enlargement option that most men CAN afford. (They run $ 300 and UP …. no pun intended .. 🙂

If spending a few hundred bucks still seems like a reach?

Male enhancement exercises can be learned from home, and some of the most advanced methods can be mastered for a nominal cost in learning materials and online tutorials. Exercises like jelqing, PC contracts and lifts, kegel, and a whole cacophony of tension, traction and torque techniques have been a LIFE saver for tens of thousands of men, just like you and me.

The bottom line?

Before you spend a single CENT on surgical penis enlargement, you owe it to yourself to check out the low cost but HIGH impact alternatives …. like the ones outlined above (they really DO work … especially if you're just like me).


Source by Amos Amsterdam

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Small Business Marketing Tips – Marking the Most of Trade Shows Part 1


In a series of 2 articles we will give you tips on how to maximize your small business at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. This article will focus on when to use this marketing tactic, the main benefits of exhibiting your product or service and areas you should consider before you spend money and time participating.

There may be many reasons why you have considered exhibiting at shows, such as when you want to demonstrate a new product or service, communicate changes to your business or your products or services and when the trade show relates specifically to your industry and therefore you basically have a captive audience. Whatever the reasons, you need to estimate the cost in both time and money and determine what sales you will need to cover those costs.

Choosing the Right Trade Show
Trade publications, trade associations, your local council or the Chamber of Commerce should be able to provide you with a list of industry trade shows planned for the year. Choose the trade shows that are key to your industry and will attract your target market. It is also a good idea to ask your most valuable customers which trade shows they like to attend to determine where your target market will be.

If you planning to exhibit next year and before you commit any money, visit the trade shows this year to determine:

  • Which booth (s) stand out? Why?
  • Which booth (s) is drawing the most consumer attention? Why?
  • Where is the greatest traffic flow at the trade show?
  • What are your competitors' stands like? What do you think they are doing well and not so well? If your competitor knows you, get a friend to visit your competitors stands to gather information

Ring the trade show organizer and ask for details about the trade show including the costs associated with being involved eg. cost of booths, cost of sponsorship etc and attendance rates for previous shows. It is also well worth asking how they are going to promote the trade show and if it is a business trade show or conference, the organizer should be able to give you a list of businesses that have attended the trade show / conference in the past and who are expected to attend. Ask if you can use the registration list of delegates to conduct a mail out prior to the show to let the delegates know your business will be attending and where they can find you.

Choosing the Right Booth
Once you have decided on the show, you will need to decide on where you want to be located and what size booth you want to pay for. The larger the booth, the greater the cost although the larger booths are generally located where the highest traffic flow is ie near the entrance.

Ask the organizing committee to send you a map of the exhibition hall and where each booth is located. If you can not afford a large booth you may be able to locate yourself in an area where people will congregate eg. near the food hall, bathrooms etc. These type of shows generally operate on a first in, first served basis, so book as far in advance as possible to secure a good location for your business.

If you can not afford your own booth, you should consider sharing the cost of a booth with a business that complements your product or service but does not directly compete with you.

You will also need to get information from the show organizer on what the cost of your booth will include eg. chairs, table, lighting etc. Most trade shows can put you in contact with a company who hires out additional lighting, chairs, display units etc to make your booth more appealing.

Staffing the Booth
Your staff manning the booth should be well briefed, look professional and have all the necessary tools eg. samples, brochures, demos etc to make the show a success. If possible, get your staff to wear a uniform that includes your logo, so that your existing and potential customers can easily identify them. Supply your staff with business cards and relevant sales literature to make their selling job as simple as possible.

Trade shows can benefit your business as they allow you to demonstrate your product or service, gain more insight into your customers in a more relaxed atmosphere, gain knowledge about your competitors and most importantly attract potential customers for your business.

© Marketing for Business Success Pty Ltd 2008


Source by Susan Oakes

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What Is A Healthy Diet For Pregnant Women?


Let’s remember that nobody can know more about your health, than your own family doctor and any suggestions here must not replace any advice given by your doctor. Your doctor will know what is a healthy diet for you when you are pregnant. Everybody is different and every pregnancy is different. The doctors advice is the best to take and the following are guidelines only.

Getting a well balanced diet is not only important for the pregnant women but for her unborn baby as well. The saying “eating for two” jumps into mind and visions of a fat pregnant women stuffing herself with all the food she can get in her mouth. Of course, her doing so shows a total disregard for herself and her unborn child.

Eating a healthy diet the pregnant women is not only looking after herself, which isn’t a bad idea, but also she is building a strong foundation for the health of the unborn child. This being what all mothers want for their children, a strong healthy start to life can be reflected on how healthy the mother is during pregnancy. Of course sometimes this can be out with her control due to many other factors too numerous to mention here.

Over eating can be a mistake easily made by the mother to be and she should refrain from such a habit. Not only is this an unhealthy practice but can lead to weight problems during and after pregnancy. It’s easier to keep the weight off rather than having to fight to get it off later. The new baby in your life will keep you occupied enough without you having to worry about losing weight.

When feeling a bit peeved or frustrated fight the urge to have chocolate cake, during pregnancy, which will only make you gain weight that will be rather more difficult to lose later on. Try snacking on a bit of fruit or have a bowl of muesli, even beans on toast would be a better alternative.

The healthy diet for a pregnant women referred to here, is not one for you to lose weight rather to eat healthily for you and obviously for your unborn child. What food should you eat to stay healthy? Well, the obvious foods would be fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember that dark green vegetables are rich in iron and should always be part of at least the main meal of the day.

Vitamin supplements are used in conjunction with food not as an alternative, people tend to forget that natural food has an abundance of nutrients that you can only get through a balanced healthy diet. Staying away from sweets seems like common sense but if you are accustomed to the odd sweet or two then you may have to build up your willpower to refrain from eating them.

Being pregnant means the food you eat is kept in your intestines for longer. This is caused by hormones in your system that prevent you going into labour early and means you get more nutrition absorbed into your system. Keeping constipation at bay could easily be done by drinking lots of fluids. Your body’ s system needs frequently flushed out.


Source by James Cole Robertson

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Whip Yourself into Shape with Boxing Fitness


Everyone seems to be concerned with their health these days. And with good reason, since the advent of processed foods and the degree of pollution in our cities, people's health can really be in danger. To help combat these problems, health improvement facilities like gyms and spas have popped up on every street. But since traditional exercises are not really enjoyable many people prefer activities that allow them to have fun while keeping fit.

Hiking, ballroom dancing, rock climbing, and cycling are just a few examples of recreational activities that can also be enjoyable. Sports, weight training, and martial arts have also become popular ways of trimming down. One type of martial art type of exercise program which you might want to try is boxing fitness.

You might think of boxing as a violent sport. Professional boxing as seen in television is a dangerous sport reserved for athletes who train extensively to get in shape for their bouts. But unknown to most it can also be a satisfying and effective form of workout.

Boxing fitness involves hours of diligent training, cardio workout out and can even teach you additional self-defense. Boxing fitness improves your flexibility, agility, stamina and coordination. You do not need to have to go as far as fighting in the ring but a little sparring mixed in your routine can make for a fantastic workout.

Besides being a lot of fun boxing fitness also improves your self-defense skills. One look at professional boxers shows you that training allows you to withstand punishment and give back as much as well. Today's world can be quite dangerous and learning a practical martial art like boxing can really be useful. While you might not turn into the next Mike Tyson you can be good enough to keep your self safe on the street.

If you want to try it you can try local gyms to see if they have a boxing fitness program. If none are available you can hop online and do a search for "boxing fitness" to find a program and gym that are convenient for you. Put on those boxing gloves now and punch your way into an exciting way to be healthy.


Source by Morgan Hamilton

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Ever wondered what wife swapping, swinger’s clubs and swingers lifestyle really mean? In a committed partnership but looking for some extra sexual excitement together?

Swinging has become increasingly popular across middle aged mainstream married, or committed, couples. Over 4 million people world wide are swingers, with over 3000 swingers clubs around the globe to join. Swingers can also meet through online swinger’s sites, swinger’s personal ads, house parties and swinger’s lifestyle magazines.

“Swinging” is considered to mean a married or committed couple engaging in sexual activities with either another couple, multiple couples or with a single person. These events can occur at swingers clubs, private parties, private homes, hotels, and even at specific holiday resorts.

Traditionally, the average age of swingers is the mid 40’s, and all ages and body types are considered acceptable.

“The Lifestyle”, or the swinger’s lifestyle, was created in the late 1990’s in London for the well heeled under 40’s. Forget the jatz and crackers. Trendy, up market venues were selected, smart evening wear was the attire and photos were needed to prove physical attractiveness. This idea took off quickly and is now popular in all parts of the world. Selective swinging refers to usually childless unmarried young graduates with average ages of late 20’s. Lifestyle swinging and selective swinging both encompass all swinging activities. These terms came into use mainly because younger couples didn’t care for the term swingers with its traditional connotations.

It is thought that swinging started in the 1950’s in US military bases in California. The husbands all threw their car keys in a bowl and whoever belonged to the keys that the wife pulled out had her as their sexual partner for the night. Originally, these little get togethers were called key clubs. In the late 1950’s the media redubbed them wife swapping parties. Wife swapping is now considered to be an archaic term and is not entirely accurate in covering all the sexual options of swinging couples.

For those of you who are a little shy or new to the game, there are many swingers’ sites available for you to check out. Most of them cater to those looking to heat up their relationship, as well as those singles who want to mingle with like minded individuals. Some of these sites offer adult personal ads, which can include video voice and pictures. They also offer video chat rooms, speed dating, swinger club location listings, video messenger, and hot games. Some sites also offer offline swinger parties where you can take it at your own comfort level and speed.

Swinging sexual activities include: exhibitionism, having sex with your partner while being watched, voyeurism, and watching others having sex. Soft swinging, or soft swap, is kissing, stroking or oral sex with a 3rd or 4th person. This can also include threesomes or group sex but usually partners are not swapped. A full swap means having penetrative sexual intercourse with someone other than your committed partner. The original wife swap. A full swap can also mean a committed couple having sex with a bisexual female for a saucy threesome. Group sex is an all inclusive term for multiple partners having sexual intercourse in the same room or an orgy. While the sexual activities are happening in the same room this is referred to as same room swapping. When there are separate rooms involved it is then called play.

Planning a raunchy vacation with your partner? There are now online swinger sites catering for the couple who are into swinging holidays or nude vacations. Swingers’ resorts can be found in the Caribbean, Cancun, Mexico and various parts of Europe. These resorts are designed for couples only, who enjoy erotic exciting lifestyles, and all seem to involve destinations with beautiful white sandy beaches and featuring large exotic looking swimming pools. Many of these swingers’ resorts have a variety of saucy theme nights. Some of the resorts promise “non stop flat out parties” for the more active bodied person.

Providing that the emotional bonds between the committed couple are whole, many swingers feel that their chosen lifestyle increases the strength of their partnership. In one survey, while only 6% confessed to having a problem with the green eyed monster, up to 70% of swingers claimed they had no problems with jealousy at all.

Seeking to spice up your sex life with your significant other? This could be it! Swingers clubs, swinger sites, swinger sex, swinger’s lifestyle, and swingers resort. Pack up your condoms and raunch up your relationship now!

Have Fun, Coco Swan.


Source by Coco Swan

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Fight Allergies With Vitamins And Over The Counter Products


Allergies are abnormal reactions to normally harmless substances. The allergens can be inhaled, swallowed or come into contact with the skin.

Allergens that most frequently cause problems are: pollen, mold, dust, foods, animal dander, insect bites, insect spores, viruses and bacteria.

Normally the human body learns to defend itself though experience. That is by attacking a foreign substance that has invaded and harming the body by producing antibodies. The best know of these antibodies are called histamines. Some times the immune system mistakenly recognizes a foreign to be harmful when it is not. This can lead to the overproduction of histamines specially designed to destroy the specific foreign substance.

If the overproduction of the histamines is large enough the surrounding tissue is also damaged resulting in sneezing, a stuffy head, sniffing, stuffed-up head, read and watery eyes or a skin rash.

A person with Allergies is burdened with an overprotective immune system and is forever on guard against everyday things that don’t bother the rest of us. It might be a cute affectionate kitten, a patch of green grass, to a slice of fresh garden tomato.

Some of us can roll in poison ivy and come out without any problems, while others can merely brush up against a few leaves of the stuff and there are scratching for weeks. In most cases, allergies are more annoying that debilitating but to the extreme allergy suffers life can be pure misery or even death.

There are four main types of Allergic Reactions:

Type 1.

Foods, mold, animal dander, pollen, or dust can cause an immediate allergy attack. Whey your body responds to the invasion, your body releases histamine from the irritated area such as the skin, nasal and bronchial areas.

Type 2.

Allergens combine with healthy cells in the your body and attack the health cells. This is common in upper gastro intestinal tack.

Type 3.

Allergens invade the immune system and can cause injury to cells throughout the body.

Type 4.

T-cells become activated and results in an inflammation of the effected area. An example of this is a rash caused by poison ivy.

We all carry a heavy load of various stress factors that slowly wear out our immune systems, over the years, making us more susceptible to allergy attacks. We are exposed to many more environmental pollutants and industrial toxins that ever before in history.

No mater what type of allergy you are suffering from their is a good chance that you can find relief from it.

Common Vitamins and over the counter products can help with treating Allergies such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid, Glucosamine, Antioxidants, Allergy Aid, and Quercitin.

Vitamin A is a known antioxidant and can assist the human body in the healing process. Vitamin A is stored in the liver and fat cells of the human body and can reach toxic levels. DO NOT take more than the recommended dosage of Vitamin A.

Up to one-third of older people can no longer absorb Vitamin B from their food. Vitamin B is needed to form red blood cells and keep nerves healthy.

Vitamin C is nature’s protective nutrient, essential for defending the body against pollution and infection and enhances the bodies immune system.

Beta Carotene protects the mucus membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs. It also helps protect Vitamin C from oxidation, which enables it to perform at optimum efficiency.

Vitamin E protects the lung tissue from inhaled pollutants and aids in the functioning of the immune system.

Many find Pantothenic Acid to be very helpful against allergy symptoms. It is another form of nontoxic B vitamins. Pantothenic Acid is critical in the metabolism and synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Glucosamine is an anti-inflammatory and may give some relief from allergy symptoms.

Substances called antioxidants can neutralize free radical by pairing up or binding with the free radical elections thus inhibiting them from damaging cells in the human body.

Allergy Aid supplies 9 beneficial Herb’s to help provide temporary relief of respiratory allergies. The natural action of these specific Herb’s help to open bronchial tubes and ease breathing.

Quercitin is a well known flavonoid. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants and can reduce inflammation boost the immune system and strengthen blood vessels and improve circulation. Quercitin is also known for its ability to block the release of histamines, thus reducing or preventing allergy symptoms.

Always consult your doctor before using this information.

This Article is nutritional in nature and not to be construed as medical advice.


Source by David Cowley

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Top 5 Mental Math Methods in the World


Today you can define mental math in various different ways. Some would say, memorizing times table and remembering the solutions can form the part of mental mathematics. Some would say ability to perform simple calculations in your head can be mental mathematics.

The web dictionary defines mental mathematics as " Computing an exact answer without using pencil and paper or other physical aids."

Today there are five methods available to learn and practice mental mathematics.

Let's begin with the first one called 'Learning by Heart' or better known as the rote memorizing method where your teachers ask you to mug up boring multiplication tables. It not only kills the interest of the child in mathematics but also makes sure that he develops hatred towards the subject for the rest of the years he studies it. This system gives its ardent devote some degree of success initially as he is able to answer easy problems but then when the supposedly larger application problems come in the steam is almost over.

The second one gives you a good degree of success and I would highly recommend it to the younger lot out there. It hails from China and is popular by the name of The Abacus (also known as the Soroban in Japan). An abacus is a calculating tool, often constructed as a wooden frame with beads sliding on wires. With the use of this tool one can perform calculations relating to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with ease. Gradually one practices with the tool in one's hand and later on when experienced he learns to do it without the tool. This tool is then fitted into the mind mentally and he can then add, subtract multiply and divide in seconds. This tool also enhances a child's concentration levels.

The main drawback of this system is that it focuses only on the 4 mathematical operations. Concepts beyond these operations such as Algebra, Square Roots, Cubes, Squares, Calculus, and Geometry etc can not be solved using it at all. Also one needs a longer time to be able to fully get a grasp of the system since you see courses in the abacus stretching to over 2 years which leads the child to boredom and then quitting from the course.

Another Chinese system mainly collected from the book The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art lays out an approach to mathematics that centers on finding the most general methods of solving problems. Entries in the book usually take the form of a statement of a problem, followed by the statement of the solution, and an explanation of the procedure that led to the solution.

The methods explained in this system can hardly be termed mental and they lack speed to top it all. The Chinese were absolutely the most advanced of the civilization thanks to the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers but if I were to choose out of the two methods given by this culture It would be the abacus.

If wars have a 99.99% downside, sometimes they can have an upside too for they give birth to stories of hope and creativity. The next mental math system was developed during the Second World War in the Nazi Concentration Camp by a Ukrainian Mathematician Jakow Trachtenberg to keep his mind occupied. What is resolved is now known as the Trachtenberg Speed ​​System of Mathematics and consistants of Rapid Mental Methods of doing Mathematics.

The system consists of a number of readily memorized patterns that allow one to perform arithmetic computations very quickly. It has wider applications than the Abacus and apart from the four basic operation methods it covers Squares and Square Roots.

The method focuses mostly on Multiplication and it even gives patterns for multiplication by particular number say 5,6,7 and even 11 and 12. It then gives a general method for rapid multiplication and a special two finger method. After practicing the method myself I realized that the multiplication was a very applicable mental method but the other methods covered to resolve division and square roots were not very friendly and were impossible to be done mentally. I was in search of a much better wholesome method where I could easily perform other operations also. Another drawback of this system was that it too like the abacus failed to have a wider scope ie to encompass other fields like Algebra, Calculus, Trignometry, Cube Roots etc

A Recommendation by a friend of mine from America introduced me to what is known as the Kumon Math Method. It was founded by a Japanese educator Toru Kumon in the 1950s and as of 2007 over 4 million children were studying under the Kumon Method in over 43 different countries.

Students do not work together as a class but progress through the curriculum at …

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No Magic Wand With Obamacare


This year many people think Christmas came early with the health insurance marketplace, AKA “Obamacare”. All across America, we have preconceived notion about what the “Obamacare” plans do. Most of them are false. What is the truth? Let’s pull the rabbit out of the hat and see.

I have heard statements that are made similar to the following:

“Isn’t Obamacare cheaper”

“I should be able to get it for free through Obamacare”

“Aren’t the Obamcare plans better coverage”

I can go on and on.

The truth is, there is no magic with this. None…

What is it then? All math and taxes.

What! Let me explain, so listen up…

“Obamacare” plans are about plan changes to meet the requirements of a “Qualifying Health Plan” and tax credits/government subsidy. When comparing plans both on the Marketplace (Obamacare) and off the marketplace, and when comparing the same plan, they are exactly the same. No difference except 3 things:

  1. If you qualify for a tax credit and exactly how much of a government subsidy. Then your “Retail Premium” will be reduced by the exact amount of the tax credit qualified for.
  2. If you do qualify for a tax credit, you may also qualify for a tax credit to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses on the Silver Plans. This will vary depending on the household income and filing status.
  3. There are a few plans off the Marketplace (Obamacare) that are not tax credit eligible and will not be available on the Marketplace, only outside of the Marketplace. The opposite is true as well. There are a few plans that are only available through the marketplace and are not available outside of the Marketplace.

It is important to keep in mind that the “Retail Premiums” for comparable plans on and off the marketplace are the exact same (when comparing all the same particulars). There are two reasons this is important:

  1. Once you get your official tax credit, the government subsidy reduces it from the retail premium. If you do not qualify for a tax credit, now or in the future, you have to pay the full retail premium to have the health insurance.
  2. One day you may not qualify for the health insurance tax credit and you will need to pay the full retail premium to maintain coverage.

The reality is there is no “magic” in Obamacare. It is simply math and taxes. There are no lower premiums available on the Marketplace unless you pick a lower level plan (more exposure to you) or receive any tax credit. There is the false hope that a magic wand is available on the Marketplace (Obamacare) and your premiums will instantly lower. This is simply not the case.

The Marketplace is nothing more than the controller for premium tax credit and cost sharing credits. The “Hub”, if you will, for getting dollars from the government to lower your cost for health insurance, assuming you qualify. Otherwise, they are no advantage to you, your family, or your business to go to the Marketplace for health insurance.


Source by Butch Zemar

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Relief for a Sore Penis – Healing After Aggressive Sex


A good roll in the hay or an especially sensual round of solo action can lead men to unbelievable ecstasy, followed a glow of satisfaction and a sense of relaxation and well-being. However, it can also lead to soreness, aching and a lingering feeling of discomfort – not the takeaway most men are looking for from the experience. While a sore penis after sex is common, and in general nothing serious, knowing how to prevent the pain from happening, and how to relieve it when it does occur – can improve men’s overall penis health and even enhance the sensations they feel during the proceedings.

What causes penis pain?

Penis pain can occur for a number of reasons and can even be related to more than one of these factors:

  • Chafing – while the sliding, gliding and thrusting of sex feels tremendous in the moment, there is actually a lot of heat being generated by the friction. Most men won’t notice this when it is happening, unless things are particularly dry, but when the heat of the moment is over, this chafing can lead to red, raw-looking skin, or even the appearance of a rash. Over time, friction from intercourse or masturbation can cause the skin to overcompensate during healing, and a thicker layer of keratinized dermal tissue may be the result. Since this callus-like tissue can actually block pleasurable sensation, preventing it from occurring through regular moisturizing and use of a lube is highly recommended.
  • Irritation – the penis skin is fairly delicate, and exposure to a partner’s body fluids, as well as lubes, latex, or other substances which may come into play can cause the skin to become irritated. Redness, itching, burning and even swelling may ensue. Avoiding known irritants is important here, so if a reaction seems to occur any time a particular product is used, eliminating this from the process is a good idea.
  • Blunt force trauma or torsion – in a heated moment, it is natural to get overly enthusiastic, but abrupt moves can lead to sudden impact with a partner’s pelvic bone or with a sudden twist or turn that can cause penis pain and even rupture the penile tissue. Taking care during play sessions and avoiding sudden, forceful moves may take some of the excitement out of the process, but it can also prevent a world of hurt later on.

How to relieve a sore penis

When soreness and injuries do occur, pain relief may be the first thing on a man’s mind. In some cases, all that is needed is a little time off, but in others, some TLC at home can do the trick. Applying cold compresses (not too cold, or frostbite can be a real danger) or using an over-the-counter oral pain reliever may help to take the edge off while things heal. It is always a good idea to check with a doctor before trying any self-care techniques, however, especially in the case of sudden injury or for men who are being treated for other medical conditions.

When professional help is needed

If a penile injury is accompanied by a popping sound and/or sharp pain; if bruising or bleeding occurs; or if a man experiences an erection that does not dissipate after several hours, prompt medical attention is necessary to treat potentially serious issues.

Extra support for a stressed, sore penis

Aside from pain relief and waiting out the healing process, men can take some proactive steps, not only to promote healing, but also to prevent a recurrence of the problem:

  • First of all, using a lubricant – and a little bit of common sense – for future sessions can also help to prevent injuries from friction, accidental impact, or sudden bending or twisting.
  • Second, in order to heal properly, the penile tissues need to work harder than normal. Repairing damaged tissue requires essential nutrients that men can obtain through a penis vitamin cream. (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is fortified with vitamins and amino acids, as well as natural emollients for extra relief. After the healing process is complete, continuing to apply a quality penis health cream can help to reduce the degree of cellular damage that can result from rough treatment.


Source by John Dugan

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Lost Faculties of Self-Healing and Empowering Choices in Current Healthcare


The zebra fish, it appears, has a remarkable ability to regenerate its own tissue, and other animals and amphibians are also known to be able to grow new limbs and heal wounds and illness naturally.

This phenomenon of the natural world is being studied by scientists who believe that through stem cell research that they can help the human body to heal heart, liver and other disorders quickly and easily, like the zebra fish. What, they admit, they do not know is if humans had this inbuilt capacity for regeneration once and have lost it, or if it is a gift we never had.

For me the answer is not in doubt. Just as once we had the capacity to bilocate and travel interdimensionally, to move between being in body and being pure Spirit effortlessly, so our bodies kept themselves in perfect condition; This is why some people lived for hundreds of years at a time. It did not apply to everyone, only to those whose souls were wide awake and who understood the importance of being in total balance and connectedness with all that is.

The hope was that all humans would learn to achieve this state of being from the example that was given to them, but instead men and women became more and more separated from the Source and Caught up in the limitations of the world of materialism: the inbuilt mechanisms for self-healing and psychic expansion through through non-use, which is where we find ourselves today.

Until we are able to regenerate these faculties through finding that state of pure being, which is our greatest challenge as humans in this lifetime, we can go a long way to helping our bodies to heal naturally. Good healers can achieve a lot for us, but we can help ourselves through conscious awareness of our relationship with our food and drink – its quantity, quality, complexity and how far it nurtures and balances us – and with all the planetary kingdoms on Earth.

Until we determine our separation, our physical limits and vulnerabilities will continue. Science may help, but it will not resolve the core issue of our relationship with ourselves as well as with the totality of all that is.

Mean while the polarized debate in England about the future of the National Health Service is, at its heart, about power and control.

The British government intends to eliminate layers of bureaucracy and a system of centralized direction, replacing it with one whereby the patient and his / her doctor chooses what, how and where any necessary care is provided, and budgets are administered locally. The plans have aroused huge opposition from unions, opposition politicians and many medical bodies most of which have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo wherebe jobs are saved, positions of visible authority are preserved, GPs have little autonomy, and the individual has minimal say over his or her health treatment.

The present situation reminds me of certain long-established religions where members are expected to communicate with their God directly through appointed representatives, often a priestly hierarchy, and where rituals of belief, action and conformity are required. This is power and control visibly in action and the same template can be fitted perfectly onto the British Health Service, and probably many medical systems throughout the world.

I welcome freedom of choice, thought and deed in every situation and while I recognize that the proposed changes to a costly, cumbersome system have their risks, I applaud the opportunities that they will bring to simplify and modernize and, most importantly, to empower people and to return a sense of local community to health care.


Source by Claire Montanaro

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Your Double Vision Remedy For Effective Vision Improvement


An eye exercise program to improve your vision naturally is an effective way that you can improve the efficient function of the visual system and reduce the likelihood that you will develop vision problems later in life that worsen your vision health. Double vision is one example of a vision condition that you are able to improve with an eye exercise program. Some of the causes of double vision include a stroke, diabetes, damage to the third and fourth cranial nerve and a misalignment in terms of the team work of both eyes. If you are suffering from double vision you have probably asked the question what kind of improvement can I expect from a natural vision improvement program of eye exercises.

An eye exercise program can improve your double vision condition. The extent of the improvement that you are able to see depends entirely on the amount of effort that you have made with the practice of the techniques. The kind of improvement also depends on the person's age and the severity of the double vision condition that the person is suffering from.

One of the causes of this condition includes an imbalance in the teamwork of both eyes and the techniques in this program that can help you correct problems with the eyes associated with teamwork problems. Eye exercises include exercises that work to help the visual system return to a normal balance.

Nutritional remedies are an important part of your vision improvement program to correct your double vision. No effective eye exercise program is complete without a nutritional component. Therefore, in order to see the best results in terms of your vision improvement program you need to do the eye exercises and you also need to incorporate the right nutritional remedy into your program schedule.

A comprehensive nutritional program to correct vision condition includes an
important vitamin supplement. Purchase a vitamin supplement that includes a variety of vision nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This supplement should also include vitamin B and vision nutrients such as Lutein and Bilberry extract. By incorporating this vision improvement program into your schedule you are going to be able to see a significant improvement in your vision ailment.

You do not have to suffer from the symptoms that are associated with double vision. There are steps that you can take in order to improve your double vision to a degree that you are able to achieve the kind of healthy eyesight that makes it possible for you to enjoy all of your daily activities that are important to you. This vision improvement program consists of effective techniques and a nutritional remedy which is going to help you to achieve your goals of better vision without glasses.


Source by Joel Travers King

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Why Magento Development Is Best for Your Business


The aim of this software is to provide new ways of selling products online. It also helps in the promotion and functionality of online stores.

There are many other platforms used for selling products online like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, big commerce but Magento is very popular among all. It is highly recommended because of its flexible features and extraordinary functions which this platform is offering.

Following are some reasons which will force every business to switch their business to Magento.

1. SEO Supportive:

It is one the most imperative feature of Magento Development that it is SEO friendly. SEO which makes any website more available online will definitely increase your customer for buying any digital or physical product. Magento provides the latest SEO ranking factors. It also includes analytics for tracking web visitors.

2. Advance Features:

Magento is enough for dealing your e-commerce business more effectively as it provides up to date features which give customers so many ease and it becomes a popular store among consumers. It provides advanced solutions in much simpler forms. It is a fully functional platform used by many successful businessmen.

3. Prop Up Varies Currency and Language:

Many e-commerce platforms are not friendly with all types of currency and languages. Magento supports this rich feature of supporting varies currencies and languages. This makes Magento dynamic for any national and international business.

4. Effortless Maintenance and Availability:

Magento development services ensure you provision of maintenance. They will handle all issues related to server or be maintaining website or maybe your development problems. This feature makes Magento easy to use the software. As it is open source software you can copy it to your own servers and can edit its code. It is available for the installation on one go.

5. Versatile CMS and Hosting Options:

Magento supports multiple websites and over 50 payment gateways. It is a perfect choice for product editing and proficient in handling large database smartly. Magento Development allows online stores to choose liberally any hosting company of their choice.

Ratio of Different E-commerce Platforms Usage:

Magento Development is using worldwide for any kind of business either small or large scale many industries like ford, Vizio, Christian Louboutin, Nike and nestle are some top brands which are using Magento.

Obviously, there are many reasons to use Magento for online business. Every business should use Magento as it gives best marketing strategies and easy to handle.


Source by Muhammad Usman Khan

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Why Every Business Requires Web Promotion


Web promotion is a simple process of increasing the exposure of your website among a target audience so that you can get more visitors on your web pages on a regular manner. The process of increasing the visibility of a website involves a lot of tasks. Some of them may seem complex and some are very easy. No matter whether they are easy or tough, you cannot avoid them when you wish to have a successful website and need to earn profit through the same. Thus, web promotion is important and you need it at every step.

Irrespective of the nature, age or size of the business promotion or advertisement is imperative for getting new clients and keeping the relationship intact with the existing ones.

Creating Brand Awareness

Web promotion is mainly needed for creating brand awareness which is important for the modern enterprises. Modern buyers prefer to believe on the brand name and check the brand reputation. Thus, they look for the top bands of the market when buying some products or services. You can make your brand name popular among your target audiences with the help of a right web promotion technique. This is also important to increase the overall market value of your business.

Open New Business Opportunities

Growth is the main thing in any kind of business. When you apply the right web promotion techniques then you can gain more business opportunities that can ensure your rapid growth. You can always enjoy having new scopes of working with other big names of this industry and become a reputed one. Collaboration with different other companies and brands can make your business more successful. But that cannot be possible until you apply an effective web promotion plan and make the other enterprises aware of your business and B2B offerings.

Increased Rate Of Traffic

After all, the main motto of developing a website is to gaining a good flow of traffic every day and transforming them into leads and then obtaining sales from them. All these can happen one after another when you apply an accurate and efficient web promotion strategy. Without this your website cannot achieve a good flow of traffic. That means the conversion rate will be slow and that makes your lead generation as well as sales ineffective. You cannot make people convinced about your services or goods until you bring them on your web pages. The web promotion method will do this job for you.

Increased Amount Of Profit

When your website receives a big amount of traffic every week and increase the lead then you can expect to have a growth in profit as well. You can become the part of an industry which is growing every day. You should know how to hold your position or optimize the same with the help of correct methods. When you start earning more profit then you can automatically beat your competitors in the market and make your business more popular. In business profit is the only thing that measures the success of a company.

Thus, web promotion is required for every kind of business and you can start applying the same any day anytime.


Source by Rajive Rana

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The Importance of Family Love


I wonder if someone could explain this in words. No not at all, it is not easy to hold the weight of words describing family love. Yeah but someone can do the job nicely! The one who has departed from his family members or the one who is unable to see the beautiful faces of his parents and siblings. The one who has pulled up stakes from his family will surely realize later, that he has lost something worth caring. They all can feel the importance of Mother love in it’s intense form. They can realize the importance of father’s intimacy and the confidence of sharing tales with one’s siblings.

Though sometimes out of anger and wrath we behave unfriendly but it does not mean that we don’t care for each other. Family quarrels are bitter things but are of least importance. We should not care about these few bitter memories but rather we must think about the existing love within our family members.

Actually a family is the building block of a society. Many families when combined give rise to a social network. If the building block of a society is scattered then imagine the bitterness that spoils the whole society! But if the family members are linked to each other with the strong bonds of love and intimacy, a prosperous society will be developed.

Family members are amongst those few people in this present day world, who will genuinely worry about you. They will always be there for you, to fall back upon when you have been disillusioned with the outside world. Though at times it feels that they are interfering too much in your life, it’s only because they care for you. If sometimes you feel bad about them, do focus on your mistakes and errors and be sorry for them.

In family life, love plays the role of a magic bullet which helps you to overcome all the difficulties that come across your path. You are able to share all your sorrows and pleasures also with people who really love you and care for you! The love of your family is your ultimate confidence and strength, so take care of your family members and truly love them before it’s too late and you have to repent on your carelessness.

“There’s no vocabulary for love within a family, love that’s lived in but not looked at, love within the light of which all else is seen, the love within which all other love finds speech. This love is silent.”


Source by Laraib Ghaffar

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