If a pregnant woman's child is killed during an attack, the law says the unborn child is killed, therefore the attacker will go to trial for murder.

But if a woman chooses to have a abortion, the government has given her the right to legally murder her child.

Should a mother have the right to choose death for her child, when after the child's birth she can choose the option of being a parent or adoption?

Our laws seem to have a double standard for life. How can our government make laws to take away the innocent human lives that the courts have sworn to protect? Lives that may be taken because they are inconvenient to others.

A criminal has the right to a lawyer, and a fair trial.
A unborn baby who's heart beats fighting to live has no legal rights.

The voice for the child

Listen to my heart beat

You have a choice to make,

Only you will decide my fate.

Life or death,

There is not much time left.

The decision is yours alone,

Listen to my heart beat like a song,

There is not a bigger heart ache

for you to know,

Than to live with the mistake,

That you let me go,

Listen to my heart beat

as you decide my fate,

My life is your choice to make.

There are those who tell you a lie,

They say it's alright for me to die,

Is my life so easy to take?

Listen to my heart beat,

before you decide my fate.


Source by Judy Arline Puckett