Be Healthy by Thinking Healthy!

Every year, television and print commercials bombard us with medicines to treat that dreaded cold and flu or current popular allergy just around the corner. Water cooler conversations compete: Yeah, it’s going around. – “I’m starting to feel like I’m getting a bug. – My cold medicine is really making me sleepy. – Little Johnny came home with a cold – it’s only a matter of time until we all get it. – And so forth. We buy into the idea that we’re going to get sick simply because it’s a certain time of the year, the temperature changes, or we’ve come into contact with “a bug.”

But it doesn’t have to be so! Don’t buy into the psychological hype that tells you you HAVE to be sick! You have a choice in the matter! You can CHOOSE health! Choose vitality and energy over congestion and depression! If you feel certain symptoms coming on, start affirming that you are healthy and well, no matter what you come into contact with! Take some vitamin C and drink orange juice to help ward off that bug! Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching public surfaces. Take some simple, common sense precautions that exhibit an awareness of control over your health vs. the hypnotic state that accepts everything that comes along. Of course, if you develop symptoms requiring medical care, by all means, see a doctor sooner rather than later!

If certain symptoms start trying to develop within your immune system, start re-affirming your health right away! Don’t wait until you’re hardly able to hold up your head (it’s much harder to think positive then!) Do not accept the idea of illness. Claim your right to wholeness! Spirit does not want us to be ill. We were created to be whole, thriving beings! There are steps we can take to ensure this, with conscious awareness. Know your limits (if you accept limitations). Avoid stress – find ways to direct your energy so that it does not accumulate within your body as toxin. Eat healthy, exercise, find a creative outlet! Creativity is a wonderful stress reducer! Not into exercise in the traditional sense? Take the dog for a walk! Can’t drive by your favorite fast-food place without stopping? Order a salad instead of a burger once in a while! Take the stairs instead of elevator. Park your car three spots further from the door than normal. Getting a little more physical activity is not hard – it just means we quit being lazy and start being more aware.

Having a spiritual belief system can also help you maintain a healthy life in every area. Regular prayer and meditation, or simply quiet contemplation of life, can help you reduce stress and become more aware of the power you have to help control your life. We were created with Free Will, which means we have the right to Choose – Health or Illness! If we become ill or have a challenging diagnosis, claiming thoughts of health and speaking words of healing over ourselves and our lives will help us deal with the situation at hand. Having a good attitude is helpful in dealing with anything happening in our lives. Always get a second opinion and research treatment options and choices for healing. Eliminate toxins from your life – too much alcohol, drugs (definitely!), destructive behavior and negative emotions (anger, hatred, resentment, etc.), and so forth, all contribute to the breakdown of a healthy individual.

We can use our Faith to help us maintain health simply by being aware of our connection to a Higher Healing Power, staying plugged into It, and being aware of our environment. As we cultivate and create a more healthy Self, we encourage and empower those around us to do the same.

Note: These comments are not intended to take the place of any need for medical treatment, mental or physical. If you have symptoms requiring attention, please seek professional help as soon as possible. For more information about this topic, please contact the writer.

Source by Barbara Callahan-Quin