Be Successful Online Business Tips

Creating loyal customers is what online business success is all about. This means devoting a lot of time and effort into keeping in touch with customers and making sure they are always completely satisfied with their purchases.

Here are some tips for building customer loyalty.

Say thank you these words said with genuine sincerity are among the most powerful in any sales person's toolkit. Do this a day or two after the sale by sending a follow-up email asking how they are getting on and thanking them once again for their purchase.

Give away functional freebies.

Instead of giving away free books and the like that has the same rehashed information as hundreds of others give away something of value that will serve a genuine purpose in assisting your customer. Make your free high quality and then your customers will feel even better that any product you sell is even better.

Reward frequent buyers

Tell your customers you appreciate their repeat business offer the ma discount card and or an incentive to refer others. Make them feel special and more highly regarded by your business.

Distribute People Pictures.

Put a face to the name of you and your staff for your customers so they know you are a real person and not some automated computer selling program or auto responder. Let them know there is a flesh and blood human being there this will do wonders for assuring many of your customers by adding a personal touch.

Encourage customer complaints

Let them be available publicly and let others see how you resolve them. Remember every satisfied customer will tell maybe one person about their experience a dissatisfied customer will tell hundreds. By setting up a way fro your customers to vent and be able to have their disputes settled then you could build consistently loyal customers. A person with a problem you help or resolve is ten times more likely to come back again. By having this process viewable you show prospective customers you are self-accountable and will do your best to make them happy.

Source by Justin Boyce