Five Super Fruits to Enjoy for Good Health

For travelers to the Caribbean and South America, there waits the opportunity to sample delicious exotic fruits that not only taste good, but are good for the body. In the Amazon Rainforest region, in particular, one hears much about the legendary Acai berry, believed to be one of the most powerful foods for destroying free radicals in the body. This berry’s high antioxidant content, not to mention its richness of vitamins, has made it a sought after fruit all around the world. However, other fruits are deserving of the same attention.

The next time you decide on a tropical vacation, you may want to search around for these exciting, fresh fruits to sample. Enjoy their tartness and color and savor the health benefits and feelings of contentment they may provide.

Acerola – Resident of the West Indies and Puerto Rico and may already be familiar with the fruit known as the Barbados cherry. Indeed, the acerola fruit resembles a large cherry in shape and color, though it is not of the same family. Used in Caribbean cuisine, the acerola is high in Vitamin C and believed to have more potency than orange juice.

Cupuacu – Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Rainforest, one might find the tall trees that bear this fruit, a relative of the Cacao. Similar to Cacao in flavor, the Cupuacu is an oblong brown fruit from which pulp is cultivated and used as a substitute for cocoa. Cupuacu is a popular ingredient in many South American dishes and offers a caffeine free alternative to cocoa.

Noni – Prevalent on Pacific islands like Tahiti and Hawaii, Noni is probably one of the more commercial of the exotic fruits thanks to recent Noni juice fads. While the actual fruit is bulbous, pungent and bitter, the juice extracted is rich in vitamins and amino acids. While touted as a diet supplement drink, it’s ability to assist in weight loss and other remedies is debated. Anyone considering adding a particular beverage as part of a diet plan may wish to consult with a physician.

From tart cherry-like fruits of the Caribbean to rich seeded fruits of the Pacific, there is always something new to discover in this world of exotic, natural foods. You might be surprised with what you find on your next trip.

Source by Kat Lively