Hoodia Diet Gum Revolutionary Diet Product Has Health Benefits Beyond Effective Weight Management

Many have heard about Hoodia and it’s unique ability to suppress the appetite and help in the battle of the bulge. Lesser know, “functional gum” is the term applied when referring to a gum product that has a purpose beyond just freshening breath. It is a superior delivery system for an active nutritional or medicinal ingredient, and is not only a popular trend, but an improvement on traditional modes of taking supplements or medicines.

Hoodia gum is an example of functional gum. It is the latest innovation in the area of weight loss utilizing Hoodia gordonii, the amazing succulent from South Africa that has been shown in clinical trials to suppress the appetite, increase energy and improve mood.

What is so attractive about this idea of functional gum applied to Hoodia for weight management, is that the amount of Hoodia needed to achieve results is greatly diminished. Why is this…Ms Patrie goes on to say that “you can achieve approximately 90% absorption of the actives, compared to a modest 20% that can be obtained with conventional supplements”. The implications are huge and benefit the consumer not limited to improved efficacy. With the cost of true South African Hoodia still relatively high, less Hoodia needed to achieve results, equates with much better value for their money. This is what sets this product apart from other weight loss aids and other Hoodia diet gum products.

The positive features of using Hoodia gum are numerous, but there is also a side bonus that might just be a valuable as it’s convenience, effectiveness, social acceptability (chewing gum in most situations is acceptable as sucking on lollies is not), value and all around fun. The “oral gratification” supplied by chewing, great tasting sugar free fresh spearmint flavored gum, is helpful not only for thwarting food cravings that occur as a result of calorie restriction, but those food cravings associated with smoking cessation.

One of the biggest problems that a smoker faces when they stop, is that increased snacking and weight gain is inevitable. This weight gain associated with smoking cessation is so universal that is deters many people from even attempting to stop. Some people do not want to replace cigarettes with just another form of nicotine in the form of nicotine gum. So, using a great product like NuTrimU during this vulnerable time of almost guaranteed weight gain, is a real no-brainer.

When smokers quit the habit, they miss intensely, the oral gratification they get from smoking. They eat often and more, as their appetite rules. The new functional Hoodia diet gum, can be used to suppress that urge to munch and “have something in your mouth” when quiting the deleterious habit. It might actually increase the success rate which is low. Hoodia gum may have a important health benefits beyond it weight management utility.

Source by Deborah Patrie