How to Get Taller Tips For Short People


When a person is vertically challenged (or short if we use non-politically correct language) they suffer from the advantages of not being tall. The statistics tell us that taller people make more money, get the better jobs and have an easier time building relationships. Certainly, there are exceptions to the rule but hard numbers do not lie it is true that short people are looked down on. So I began searching for some how to get taller techniques that I could put into practice. Here is what I found.

Yes, there are some great exercises and supplements that will help a person to get taller and they do not involve wearing uncomfortable lift shoes. I found these techniques in a great book on growing tall written by a medical doctor for his vertically challenged wife. The book is loaded with great tips and techniques to gain height. Tips like.

The proper stretching exercises that will not harm your body. It is a proven fact that 35 percent of our height is directly related to our spinal column. When are vertebrae compress we actually shrink. If you are bumped over a computer all day like I am you will not be as tall as you want to be without you do something that stretches the spinal column out. A couple of these exercises would be to hang at least 30 minutes a week. I prefer a little longer than that and in fact I add some chin-ups to my hang time so as to build up my arm and back muscles at the same time.

Another how to get taller tip is using the proper supplements available to help the growing process. You can find supplements on the web that claim to add lots of inches to your height but they cost a fortune. Sometimes as much as $ 500 and they do not always work like the claims made for them. The book I actually actually teaches you to make your own all-natural supplements form common ingredients found in the kitchen. Far cheaper and they work 500 percent better than the more expensive ones you can buy.

These are just a couple of the great techniques and tips I found that will help you to add 2 – 6 inches to your stature if you are diligent to follow the instructions laid out for you in a simple to read and understand digital book that you can download in less than a minute.


Source by Dennis Snyder