I Protect My Family, Do You?


I am a mom of two. I love my kids and I love my husband. I will do anything to protect them from anything that can harm our family and them as individuals. I am always vigilant: where they go, where they are at the moment when I look for them and who they are with, of course, without being nosy. With all the crimes and circumstances that affect the family nowdays, it is always important that someone should safeguard the people that we love the most.
Specifically, I protect my family from:

1. Diseases.

I make sure that my family is always healthy. I cook them healthy foods everyday from breakfast until dinner. They say that the most important meal of the day is breakfast so I make sure that whatever they eat for breakfast will provide them with the energy that they will need for the rest of the day. Cereals are not enough for me. Each food group should be represented. That is also the same for their lunch or dinner. However, since my husband works and my kids eat their lunch at school, I simply monitor what they eat by asking them when they get home. Deliveries are not very frequent in our house. As much as possible, I cook dinner as I am a stay home mom.

I also make sure that my kids take their vitamins daily. My husband has his own as well. I specifically focus my attention to strengthening their immune system as this mechanism is the best protection against diseases. I am aware that new strings of diseases happen that is why I have my kids vaccinated.

2. Brokenness.

I grow up in a family who loves each other. My father was always a good provider and he respects my mom and loves her dearly. This respect and love is then reflected to us. We grow up respecting each other, as siblings and as sons / daughters. Whenever there were conflicts between any members of our family, we make sure that it is immediately resolved.

I keep my communication line with my kids open. Whenever they need someone to talk to, I always make myself available. I try to be the best wife to my husband-tending to his every need and making sure that I am able to provide more than what he expects from me. I do not want my kids growing up with divorced parents. I believe that I am the glue that keeps our family intact.

3. Identity theft.

This is a very serious crime that is very rampant nowdays. I, as a mother, always ensure that our personal information ate kept private so that we can evade any attempt of identity theft in our family. My husband is fond of using his credit card as he always travels. I monitor his credit statements and take account of every purchase or charges that are incurred. This way, I know that no other person is using my husband's name for their own personal gain. I take the issue of identity theft formally as I am aware that identity theft can ruin our family.

This is how I protect my family. How do you protect yours?


Source by Tina L Douglas