Lost Faculties of Self-Healing and Empowering Choices in Current Healthcare


The zebra fish, it appears, has a remarkable ability to regenerate its own tissue, and other animals and amphibians are also known to be able to grow new limbs and heal wounds and illness naturally.

This phenomenon of the natural world is being studied by scientists who believe that through stem cell research that they can help the human body to heal heart, liver and other disorders quickly and easily, like the zebra fish. What, they admit, they do not know is if humans had this inbuilt capacity for regeneration once and have lost it, or if it is a gift we never had.

For me the answer is not in doubt. Just as once we had the capacity to bilocate and travel interdimensionally, to move between being in body and being pure Spirit effortlessly, so our bodies kept themselves in perfect condition; This is why some people lived for hundreds of years at a time. It did not apply to everyone, only to those whose souls were wide awake and who understood the importance of being in total balance and connectedness with all that is.

The hope was that all humans would learn to achieve this state of being from the example that was given to them, but instead men and women became more and more separated from the Source and Caught up in the limitations of the world of materialism: the inbuilt mechanisms for self-healing and psychic expansion through through non-use, which is where we find ourselves today.

Until we are able to regenerate these faculties through finding that state of pure being, which is our greatest challenge as humans in this lifetime, we can go a long way to helping our bodies to heal naturally. Good healers can achieve a lot for us, but we can help ourselves through conscious awareness of our relationship with our food and drink – its quantity, quality, complexity and how far it nurtures and balances us – and with all the planetary kingdoms on Earth.

Until we determine our separation, our physical limits and vulnerabilities will continue. Science may help, but it will not resolve the core issue of our relationship with ourselves as well as with the totality of all that is.

Mean while the polarized debate in England about the future of the National Health Service is, at its heart, about power and control.

The British government intends to eliminate layers of bureaucracy and a system of centralized direction, replacing it with one whereby the patient and his / her doctor chooses what, how and where any necessary care is provided, and budgets are administered locally. The plans have aroused huge opposition from unions, opposition politicians and many medical bodies most of which have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo wherebe jobs are saved, positions of visible authority are preserved, GPs have little autonomy, and the individual has minimal say over his or her health treatment.

The present situation reminds me of certain long-established religions where members are expected to communicate with their God directly through appointed representatives, often a priestly hierarchy, and where rituals of belief, action and conformity are required. This is power and control visibly in action and the same template can be fitted perfectly onto the British Health Service, and probably many medical systems throughout the world.

I welcome freedom of choice, thought and deed in every situation and while I recognize that the proposed changes to a costly, cumbersome system have their risks, I applaud the opportunities that they will bring to simplify and modernize and, most importantly, to empower people and to return a sense of local community to health care.


Source by Claire Montanaro