Recycle Tips

You can save money and the environment by recycling. You can do many things to reduce the trash. Here are some tips to get started.

Recycling paper:

1) You can use your children's painting and drawings to wrap presents. Children's drawings are adorable. It will make present special.

2) You can reuse envelopes twice by placing a new label over the old one.

3) You can reuse the discarded A4 paper for notepad or flash card. Your children can use it for school.

4) Old calendars can be used to make envelopes.

5) You can make cardboard from toilet roll centers.

Plastic bags:

1) If you have dogs, you can use them for "doggy doo bags".

2) Return plastic bags to supermarkets.

3) Reuse your plastic bags for dirty and wet cloths.

4) You can put old plastic bags in the bottom of plant pots. It is a good drain systems.

Recycling Household Waste:

1) Old tires can be used as plant pots.

2) You can reuse egg cartons, Tetra-pak cartons, plastic bottles, plastic container, cardboard, or plastic containers for planting seedlings.

3) Old newspapers can be used to cover stones and bark.

4) Plastic bottles can be used to trap snail.

Other recycling items:

1) Broken Toasters, radios, television, or other broken household goods can be used for their other parts.

2) Ice cream container can be used to store food in the refrigerator.

3) Salvation Army or Drug Arm can always use your old furniture, kitchen equipment, clothes, and bedding.

Recycling is not one man's job. We all must help out to protect the earth. Every person can contribute to make a difference.

Source by Pauline Go