Plenty of Podcast Gold About Traveling In Europe

Plenty of Podcast Gold About Traveling In Europe

There’s no shortage of truly fantastic travel podcasts out there! However, sometimes an embarrassment of riches can actually make it a bit harder to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a great podcast episode about traveling in Europe then there are going to be plenty of options from episodes talking about planning the trip, to ones focusing on single areas or countries, to even those going the extra mile to talk about long-term European adventures.

Plenty of Podcast Gold About Traveling In Europe

While it’s hard to narrow the focus down to a single episode that is the best of them all, many popular travel podcasts have some really amazing episodes about traveling Europe that anyone planning a trip should check out.

Indie Travel Podcast – “How to Plan Your Europe Trip”

This 41 minute podcast goes over everything you could possibly need to make your trip a memorable and successful one. And they do so in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. From how to get there comfortably, to traveling inexpensively and safely in Europe. Housing and sites to see (and those to avoid), you get plenty of information from seasoned travelers on how to create a European adventure. That fits your specific wants and needs for a vacation.

This podcast episode about traveling in Europe will give you every chance to create an exceptional itinerary that helps you get the type of vacation you want whether one week, one month, or even longer!

Trip Sisters – Episode #70: European Vacations

The aptly named “Trip Sisters” revolve around two traveling sisters and their episode on favorite European spots is a great blend of favorite spots, travel recommendations for specific parts of the continent, as well as budget travel and changes in the news that are going to affect future travelers, as well. This blend of information gives ideas for where people should visit as well as talking with guests about interesting options that allow for traveling with the kids or traveling with service in mind to help pick up the tab.

Amateur Traveler – Episode #84: A Year In Europe

This interview is a great one, and it gives a very different view on traveling in Europe. Scott and Sheryl talk about their travels really in-depth in their “A Year in Europe” podcast. This is a great summary in one show of what they are doing and they have been traveling. In Europe for a year after quitting jobs, selling their house, and traveling throughout the continent.

This interview gives a lot of great information and stories right up front from people who have lived and experienced the continent first hand. They can help you avoid common mistakes, prepare for major long-term travel, and share wonderful accounts of actual experiences with the places you might be looking at visiting. Add in some culture shock stories and even short term travelers throughout Europe will enjoy this one!

Many Options Out There

These are three amazing options when it comes to finding quality podcasts about traveling in Europe. But there are more out there. Don’t be afraid to look around to find the option that truly provides all the motivation. Information, and encouragement you need to visit.

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