Time Management Can Provide Physical and Mental Good Health For Yourself


Individuals are always curious about time management skills and what these skills can really do to make life better. If you do not manage your time very well then you probably do not know what your are missing. You most likely are busy running from task to task without the benefit of good organization and so you are not enjoying the benefits of using your time wisely and effectively. The best thing about learning how to manage your time is that you are going to have more of it. Remember that there are only twenty four hours in a day. If you have the skills to manage these hours, you are going to find yourself happier, healthier, and enjoying life more.

Most individuals fail to recognize the importance of time management skills as being essential for success, accomplishing goals and objectives, and keeping your sanity. Organization is one of the first steps in managing time. You must learn to keep an agenda of tasks and "things to do" as part of your daily routine. It does not matter if you are a student, manager, worker, parent, or free spirit, record keeping is crucial. You must know where you are before you can move on to the next destination. Some people even have three lists of tasks for themselves. You can have a work task list, a home task list, and a personal task list. It is probably a wise decision not to confuse these three issues or get them mixed up. Of course dates and times are important to any list that you make for yourself. Be sure to give yourself credit when you achieve or finish your tasks. Reward has a great value to your well being and mental hygiene.

Provide yourself with a daily routine for approaching your task list. Make it a habit to review each task list to see where you stand, what has to be done, and what you have achieved. Part of your planning process will also be to add additional tasks as they arise. Be careful not to overload yourself. Be realistic in your approach to how many tasks you can really deal with at one time and achieve with quality results. Taking on too much is often dangerous for your physical and mental health. Remember that time management skills have a limitation. The limit is yourself. Make sure that under pressure you find help and ask for help if the task is too much to handle on a "solo" basis.


Source by Rick Swanson