What to Look for in a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Dogs may be considered by some to be man’s best friend, but that shouldn’t lull everyone who comes into contact with dogs into a sense of false security. Not all of them are nice and those that aren’t can do some serious damage if they are allowed by their owners to attack innocent bystanders.

Facing hospital bills and lost wages due to a dog attack and not sure what to do? The next step is to hire a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer who can help. Read on to find out how to choose the right one.

State-Specific Experience

In most states, a lawyer must pass the bar exam for the specific state in order to be allowed to practice law. In those states that offer reciprocity, though, this may not be the case. Given that the statutes for filing civil suits over dog attacks vary substantially from state to state, it’s a good idea to avoid working with lawyers who are licensed to practice but have only passed the bar in a neighboring state.

Experience With Dog Bite Cases

There is a multitude of defenses that can be used by dog owners to avoid taking responsibility for injuries that have been caused by their own animals. That’s why it’s important to work with a lawyer with specific experience in this specific area of personal injury and premises liability law. In addition to being more familiar with common defense strategies, lawyers who specialize in handling these types of cases will also have access to an entire network of expert witnesses who can help.

Reasonable Fee Schedule

Most personal injury and premises liability lawyers work on contingency. That means there will be no charge to the client unless he or she obtains a settlement. Not all dog bite lawyers choose to follow this kind of fee schedule, though, so it’s important to clarify what to expect in terms of payments at the initial consultation.

Good Reviews

Choose a lawyer or law firm that has good reviews on objective, third-party review sites. Don’t just take a look at the firm’s rating and base the entire decision on that, though. Instead, look for information that specifically pertains to dog bite injuries and successful cases.