Why Is Flax Becoming A Designer Food


Many Americans today have taken the conscious effort to evaluate their consumption habits and check the nutritional values ​​of the food items in their regular diet. Each day we are put upon an increasing number of commercially processed food labels that have been prepared with a tantamount of preservatives and additives.

Nutrition experts have called upon the shift of present dietary preferences towards placing in more organic food items in our meals to curl down on our high fat and high protein menus. The turn of the century has witnessed the influx of organic preparations and vital food supplements that seek to serve the increasing demand for healthy foods. Among the number of organic products to successfully penetrate the health food bandwagon is the botanical plant flax, which is widely cultured in the northern United States and Canada.

Flax seed and flax seed oil contains nutritional substances that are beneficial to our health. Its importance in the health care and food supplement industry is such that ground flax is now distributed commercially. Pertinent advances in bio-technology has put forth the nutritional wonders of flax in soft containers and in various preparations such as milled, cold-milled, sprinkles, and capsule form. These developments rightfully categorize the mundane flax grain among the designer foods available in the market today. Although organic in nature and not genetically-modified, flax products contain higher quantities of Omega 3, which is the naturally occurring substance found in flax, and is likewise known to bring a host of health benefits.

Looking closely into our unhealthy diets would give us aounding understanding on how important the fatty acid Omega 3 is to our bodies and how the regular intake of flax can help us correct nutritional imbalance. Mind you, it is a fact that many of us simply can not resist the delight of munching on those flavored chips or feasting on cold cuts for snacks, though we are aware that frequent intake of processed food would bring an adverse effect on our health. In the same way, most of us have simply adhered to a daily diet rich in protein and saturated fat that we take in an excess volume and miss out vital nutrients that stabilize pertinent bodily functions. This diet completed with a sluggish lifestyle has led to the increased rate of obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular ailments in recent years.

Feeding our bodies flax can remedy most of our ailments thanks to omega 3. This nutrient puts in more of the healthy, unsaturated fats in our bodies to correct the adverse effects of our unhealthy lifestyles. Omega 3, among many other health benefits, helps lower cholesterol levels and our chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. The intake of designer flax food supplements can also help our bodies take in more of the omega 3 fatty acid, which is rarely found in our regular diets.

Indeed, flax is a premium designer food that holds a guarantee of healthier lifestyle with a healthier you!


Source by Bruce Maul